Lenovo S21E Laptop Review & Price

Apparently designed to deliver highly enjoyable entertainment, the newly-introduced Lenovo S21e is a value for money laptop that many bargain hunters will give a special consideration. The 11-incher highly portable laptop is driven by an Intel Celeron processor for optimum responsiveness that facilitates pleasant user experience.

The laptop features a 2GB of RAM and a 64GB hard drive, if you’re a student this is the laptop for you.



There really isn’t anything special with the design quality as Lenovo decided to stick with the basics, one good thing though is that it doesn’t attract fingerprints, which is a plus. The black chassis feels smooth but laptop is surrounded by a large bezel.

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The Lenovo S21E weighs 2.5 pounds2 and measures 11.61 x 8.36 x 0.74 inches but it doesn’t feel cheap by any measure. So whether you’re off to another meeting or another country, this laptop means portability is a walk in the park.


The Lenovo S21e’s 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 display might be a bit poor but considering the price you get for it I think there isn’t much of a complain here.

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The viewing angles aren’t great either but it doesn’t affect visibility when looking at it. However, the S21e’s display does accurately present colors, registering 3.38 on the color-accuracy scale (closer to 0 is better).

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the Lenovo S21e has a standard layout but we feel it has a slightly cramped design. The touchpad feels slick, but the cursor is a bit slow to respond to my finger swipes.

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The touchpad reaches a degree of 83 Fahrenheit, it won’t hurt you or anything dangerous but it will leave your laps warm.


This little notebook has but a few ports. On the right side lie a USB 2.0 port, headphone jack and microSD card reader you’ll find a USB 3.0 port and micro HDMI port on the left.


The Lenovo S21e is powered by a 2.16-GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor, a modest 2GB RAM and a 64GB hard drive, which isn’t the best at any margin but just a tad decent.
t the same as the Steam 11 (12 fps).

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Dolby® Home Theater® v4

Enjoy increased audio clarity and maximized volume output without distortion. In addition, the built-in stereo speakers deliver a crisp, clear immersive surround sound experience that is second to none.

Battery Life

The Lenovo S21e lasted 5 hours, 36 minutes on our battery test.

Battery Saving Technology


The Lenovo S21e comes with Windows 8.1 installed, and it’s upgradeable to Windows 10 for free.


The Lenovo S21e cost just N55,000 to purchase.

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