PIPO W3F Dual OS Windows 8.1 & Android 4.4 Tablet PC Specs & price

PIPO – a fast growing Chinese Tablet PC maker presents its new PIPO W3F mounted with a detachable keyboard that lets you use the system like a notebook. The keyboard which is foldable can also function as a protective case that makes it convenient for carrying around. This model also comes with integrated track-pad that sometimes makes the magnetic sheath keyboard. It runs on Windows 8.1, a device that mounts the ubiquitous Intel SoC Z3735F Quad core CPU Intel HD Graphics Gen7 a model we are seeing lately mounted on many devices.

Where to Buy PIPO W3F Tablet PC

Aliexpress :==> US $168.80 BUY NOW

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The new PIPO W3F is a high-performance low-cost 2-in-1 Windows tablet that adopted the Atom chip which adopted the Intel 22 NANO technology, we call it Bay Trail-T Z3735F. It is powered by a 64bits Quad-Core processor clocking in at 1.5GHz and an Intel Burst Technology 2.0 which can be up to 2.41GHz. It sports a L2 CACHE of 2MB. It also support the Intel out-of-order execution way to deal with task.

As an Office Tablet, the PIPO W3F uses the most advanced 32GB eMMC (Embedded Multi Media Card), whose advantage is awesome. The highest read and write speed can be as fast as 150MB/s and 52MB/s. The 32GB storage make it possible to have enough room for storage of files and installation of softwares. The PIPO W3F comes with a 2GB of DDR3L running memory, the DDR3L stands for low voltage. When running games or surfing the internet or opening big files, PIPO W3F has better performance than other tablets.

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Where to Buy PIPO W3F Tablet PC

Aliexpress :==> US $199.99 BUY NOW

As for connectors, the PIPO W3F has two USB 3.0, it is more popular because the transmission of data and power supply for 2.0 won’t meet our demands. The data transmission for USB 3.0 is 10.7 times of USB 2.0 and power supply is twice of USB 2.0. As most of the problems of external disk is caused by power shortage, so with USB 3.0, the data transfer will be more stable and faster.

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PIPO W3F comes pre-installed with the authorized Windows 8.1 OS and Office software. It is the best for most customers. It provides the brand new Windows shop, Windows Explorer, Windows Task Manager and other functions. With the authorized windows 8.1 OS, you will find out that there is no difference between the PIPO W3F and your mini laptop or computer.

PIPO W3F comes with a 5MP rear camera (auto focus), 2MP front camera, this is top configuration among current tablet products. You could make video calls with families and friends freely by using the front camera.

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The device features a massive capacitive battery of 7,800mAh (3.7V). Besides the low consumption and the optimize of the Intel CPU, the PIPO W3F can last for about 8 – 12 hours, and the standby time can be as long as 21 days which free you from frequent charging.

The PIPO W3F features a standard SPCI data port on the 3G version. The 3G module comes with independent package, it protect it from damage and the signal will be better. The PIPO W3F support WiFi network, it can also connect to 3G network and the broadband cable via USB cable. The riches in ways of connecting to the keep you surfing the internet anytime you want.

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PIPO W3F support WCDMA, HSUPA and HSDPA network technology. The speed of upload can be as much as 5.7Mbps, while the speed of download can be fast as 14.4 Mbps. It supports the real 3.5G network, compared with normal 3G tablets, its upload speed improved 15 times and the download speed improved 7.2 times.

Where to Buy PIPO W3F Tablet PC

Aliexpress :==> US $199.99 BUY NOW

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