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Samuel Afolabi

Samuel Afolabi is a tech savvy that loves writing almost all tech related kinds of stuff. He is the Editor-in-Chief of TechLector. You can connect with him via the social buttons below :)

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    Good day sir I tried registering but the confirmation page is not loading.

    1. 1.1

      Samuel Afolabi

      Welcome sir,
      It happens at times. I can create an account for your here. Send your username, email and password to me via +2348100482812 (note: password can be changed anytime)

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        Who told u that MMM runs away with peoples money, HAve they run with yours before?, Please re-edit that stuff, MMM has changed my life and that of everybody close to me and is still changing it, and has never ran away. MMM Pays. i love ur article but please change that MMM u wrote there cus they Hav’nt ran with anypersons money. Thanks

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    Hi pls it is wrong to say that MMM that is changing people’ life in over 180 countries globally is running away with people money. quickly correct that wrong information which is capable of misinformaing the public

  3. 3


    Guy edit your post about MMM ran away with your money, have they ran run with yours? Nice write up though.

  4. 4

    Jimmy Bright

    Gy if u re a marketer u nid t watch your tongue. U don’t just sy anything u wish. U hv polluted ur write up by lying dat MMM ran with people’s money. U re jus a typical Selfish Nigeria dat spoil odas people’s works jus t mk urs work. U nid t apologize t Nigeria fr dat ur fallacious statement abt MMM.

  5. 5


    i don’t know why nigerians are so messed up. i read through everything and neva saw anywhere he wrote dat mmm ran away with his money,rada he is saying dat ppl get scared of investing in MLM businesses cos dey fear dat u wil runaway with dia stop criticizing trash thoroughly before u comment.. Now to d crux of d matter,i tried uploading my particulars to d KYC page but it wouldnt go tru. pls can u help me in dis regard..thnx.

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    I ve read and I tried as much as I can to understand it but I still need help. For example, wen you buy academic level 1 (trainee pack) with €25, which contains 200 token, wen split into 1, you get 400 token. Will this token be converted to coins or what. Secondly how can one buy now for future purposes. Thirdly how can I get my federal link because I just registered

    1. 6.1

      Samuel Afolabi

      Hallo Oscar,

      Yes, it is the 400 tokens that will convert or mine the coins. You can Learn How to Fund Swisscoin Account with Bitcoin Easily here. Your referrer ID will look like this: (where techlector is the username)


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