UMi Iron Pro: A Health Monitor In Your Pocket

By the end of this month, UMi, one of the leading Chinese brands of today’s market, is going to release its new device: The UMi Iron Pro. This smartphone is equipped with an Octa-core MTK 6753 processor, accompanied by 3 GB of RAM memory, 16 GB of internal storage, a 13-megapixel Sony IMX214 sensor, and a 5,5” Full HD screen.

This device also incorporates cutting-edge technology elements, such as one-step fingerprint authentication, or an USB Type-C Port. Another innovative element from this device is a health monitor, which allow users to measure their heart rate or their stress levels.

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The sensor is located on the front side of the UMi Iron Pro, on the left side of the device’s front-facing camera. In order to measure said parameters, this device incorporates an app called U-Health. After opening the app, users will need to choose between “Heart rate” option, or “stress” options. Once an option has been chosen, the app will tell the user to place their finger on the sensor and wait for the app to take the reading.

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During the heart rate reading, users should stand still and keep quiet, as movement or talking can lead to inaccurate results. The reading usually takes from 10 to 15 seconds and, once the app is done taking the required data, it will display it along with current date and time. This information can be used to track users’ past records, which can be quite important for people with health problems.

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Regarding stress meter, its operating is similar to the heart rate meter; that is, it also requires the user to put their finger on the sensor. This functionality can help users to identify their stress peaks, so they can take appropriate measures to prevent them.

Many scientists have shown that too much stress can have negative effects on health, so, knowing our stress levels and heart rate, can help us to have more control over our health.

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An example of how U-Health works can be found on the following video:


The UMi Iron Pro is now on presale for a price of $179.99, and it will be available by the end of this month. Nevertheless, UMi is offering one unit for 9.99$ on Cyber Monday deals. To know more about the deals visit UMi Community, a forum where users can find the latest news about UMi products, as well as receiving technical assistance and share their experiences with other users.

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