Umi Iron Pro: Unibody device and metal frame and back cover for only $179,99

Umi Iron Pro is one of the most promising devices in the international market. This device is not attractive only for its Octa-Core 64-bit processor, its 3GB of RAM, or its spectacular display of 5,5 inches and Full HD resolution; it also strikes as being accurately finished aesthetically.

UMi Iron Pro frame and back cover are made on metal, which make it look great, and feel cool to the touch. But moreover, what UMi intends using these materials is to provide hardness and durability against accidental drops. Moreover, metal components add a premium look and feel to the UMi Iron Pro. Additionally, this device has a curve on its back, which helps with the in-hand feel.

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Plastic devices may break and even became virtually impossible to use after a bad fall. However, the metal components have a much higher resistance, preventing this unfortunate problem. Another problem present in many devices is that, after a drop, the back cover is usually loose, causing some components such as the SIM card or the battery to be lost or damaged. Nevertheless, UMi Iron is a unibody device, which means that we will not lose our components after a fall. Moreover, it incorporates a safety mechanism that only allows users to access the SIM or Micro SD slot using a pointed object, so that accidental losses are impossible.

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One of the major arguments used against unibody devices is the inability to replace the battery if it is damaged, or to have an extra battery if necessary. However, the back cover of the UMi Iron Pro can be extracted by using a screwdriver, so users can replace the battery if necessary. Moreover, this device has a 3050 mAh battery, which will give users great autonomy, so they will not have to worry about the battery duration.

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As we can see, this is a device with the design of a high-end smartphone, but with a low-end price, since it can be purchased for only $179.99.


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