10 card games for Android: the best alternatives to Hearthstone

The best collectible card games (GCC) to download for free from the Google Play store alternative Hearthstone. List of online Android card games of 2018 similar to Hearthstone.

Blizzard succeeded with Hearthstone to create an authentic mass phenomenon. The card games for Android had never had such an impact, at least since the days of Solitaire. 

Now on Google Play, we have a whole genre of multiplayer card games in which we collect our monsters and skills in a deck and use it to deal with the opponent's deck of cards.

Here we have selected the  10 best alternatives to Hearthstone for Android, they are all app of card games with a very similar style but one of a kind. 

We have fantastic medieval themes like the one offered by Elder Scrolls or the digital adaptation of the famous Magic, up to classic sagas of card games like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokémon.

10 card games for Android similar to Hearthstone

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The most direct rival of Hearthstone was created by Bethesda, author of the Elder Scrolls saga, now also has a card game for Android smartphones and tablets. We have a game that has added expansions and has various game mechanics such as battles, where the map is split into two. A card game with a more sober and perfect style to expand the history of those who enjoyed the classic Skyrim or Morrowind.

The Horus Heresy: Legions

The Warhammer 40,000 universe offers The Horus Heresy: Legions, a card game that will be constantly expanding with legions, commanders and abilities related to warlords. We have duels, clans, and individual factions. Also available some events that will add different themes and special abilities to certain types of characters. It's a free title and has arrived on Google Play these days.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Konami presents a complete card game based on the Yu-Gi-Oh manga universe! with duellists like Yugi, Kaiba or Mai. A title with animations in three dimensions and the graphic feature of the cartoon series. We have a single player campaign and multiplayer PvP duels. It's free and has over ten million downloads.

Deck Heroes: Legacy

Card game with HD graphics and an action map where you can use cards that look more like a battlefield than a table. We have raids, races and multiplayer modes.

Card Monsters

A strategic card game with the same graphics style of HearthStone but vertically and with a simpler mechanics. A style of card game very fast, with battles of three minutes or less but also with missions, prizes, competitions, factions, and tournaments.

Magic 2015

Wizards of The Coast is a well-known company that created the Magic card game and the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. A few years ago, they surprised us with a card game for Android. We do not have as many combinations as in the real game but it can be a good training to enter the world of Magic cards and create our custom deck.

Shadowverse GCC

Shadowverse is a collectible card game translated into Italian with Japanese aesthetics. We have seven classes available and more than 700 different cards to create the various decks. A game with simple graphics but with an elaborate story, according to the developers there would be over 1 million active players every day.

Card Wars Kingdom

Cartoon Networks and its Adventures Time have several games for Android, one of which is the Card Wars Kingdom, a free title in which we can face other players or against the AI. The setting is exceptional, we can borrow creatures, combine them to make them more powerful, choose the characters and the most popular heroes like Finn, Jake or Chicle Princess.

GCC Pokémon Online

Before Pokémon GO, the famous series of creatures already had a game for Android. We are facing JCC Pokémon Online, a card game in which you can exchange Pokémon and face other players. Undoubtedly a style of play that adapts very well to the philosophy of Pokémon coaches: create your team and fight. We can play alone or face other players, as well as participate in tournaments.

Order & Chaos Duels

Gameloft has dozens of games for Android. If there is a genre or a title that triumphs like Hearthstone, they must create their own version. In this case, we have Order & Chaos Duels, a card game based on the MMORPG universe. We have 300 different free cards, duels, missions, and multiplayer battles. A game of great quality but full of purchases in the app, a classic in this developer's games.



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