10 Reasons Why You Should Acquire A New iPhone X

10 Reasons Why You Should Acquire A New iPhone X

A cost of about 1,991 to 1,399 euros, depending on which version of the new Apple iPhone you are taking, is a reflection. We have the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, but we will be talking just about the former. Why should you invest that amount of money in your phone

High-quality Design

Apple’s designer Jonathan Ive was involved in the design of the new iPhone, and we have to admit that despite the special horizontal shape of the camera, the design took its toll.

They also do not lack quality materials. Forget about aluminium or plastic, iPhone X bet the best. The side edges are made of stainless steel, and the front and rear covers form glass. Also, the smartphone is waterproof and dust-proof.

image credit: Apple

Display from Edge to Edge

We could see the so-called frameless display a year ago at Xiaomi, this year at Samsung and LG, but Apple is simply Apple. An OLED panel that covers 83% of the front surface will fulfil your dreams of a futuristic smartphone. Also, you can enjoy the brighter and finer colours thanks to the Super Retina technology.

Interestingly, the part that remained as if asymmetrically dissected is the phone’s time and battery, network signal and Wi-Fi indicators are placed at the top corners. However, there may be a missing Home button, which has been the Apple smartphone’s last decade.

image credit: Apple

AR as Part of the Phone

The camera in the new iPhone X has a technology that is designed for the virtual reality (AR). So if you like games like Pokémon GO or you want to make full use of virtual reality features, the new iPhone X has this feature, including engaging games and apps.

image credit: Apple

It will not be worth the price

Probably the best reason to buy the iPhone is on the financial side. When you get 1,200 / 1,400 euros in cash after a few weeks or months, there will not be the slightest problem with selling the smartphone.

The Apple iPhone is one of the best-selling smartphones on the bazaar as it can be sold within a couple of hours of the offer at a good price. iPhone is priced very slowly, so it also serves as a good investment for the next year.

image credit: Apple

Face ID

The controversial new feature of unlocking the screen with a face can be a challenging experience for the contestants. Although the Face ID technology did not work perfectly for the iPhone X, it is an interesting feature that replaces classic fingerprint unlocker.

Face ID, in addition to unlocking, is also used to animate the face with Animoji, smileys or create a face mask. Face ID will especially appreciate Instagram maniacs and those who care about the security of their smartphone.

image credit: Apple

Wireless charging

The technology that iPhone fans have been waiting for for years and which can envy the competition is finally here. The possibility of putting a smartphone on the charging pad without the need to carry annoying cables is a luxury that should be a matter of course in 2017.

We believe that this technology will come gradually from all smartphone manufacturers and the annoying chargers will gradually disappear. There could also be a wider range of benches or coffee tables in public charging mats.

image credit: Apple

Unrivaled camera

For many, the main reason for buying a new iPhone is definitely a better camera that has once again increased quality. The camera on the iPhone X has received many enhancements, including the light change feature for portrait photography. No dual optical stabilization makes ready-made artwork from low-light photos.

Enjoy the Quad LED flash and the perfect selfie front camera with Fashion Mode portrait. As for video recording, Apple, in addition to Ultra HD, also offers Full HD video at 240 fps, so you can also shoot slow-motion shots.

image credit: Apple

Enhanced battery and smartphone durability

Another necessary feature of the new iPhone X is the battery strength. Batteries are never enough and especially for flagships. The iPhone X gets two hours longer than the previous iPhone 7.

A strong impetus is also the fast-charging support that will allow you to charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. Finally!

image credit: Apple

Powerful processor

The iPhone X gets the latest Bionic A11 processor with six cores (2 + 4). There is the talk of an increase in performance of up to 70% and a 30% increase in graphics performance. If you love iPhones for their fast and exceptionally reliable system performance, then this is one of the main reasons why it comes to iPhone X.

A great attraction is a support for neural network or a connected learning smartphone that will remember your habits and will gradually learn and adapt to your needs. Most likely, you’ll know when using Face ID, even when you change your visage, iPhone will be able to recognize you.

image credit: Apple

Apple Exclusivity

For many of us, the reason is to buy a new smartphone simply because it’s Apple. Those of you who use Apple devices know that the iPhone is not only a smartphone but a premium brand, design and the most reliable operating system.

Despite the fact that after announcing the price in the news, many left Apple disappointed, many of them may have branded themselves, but let’s just admit that once again, after the new iPhones, X will be dusty, as everyone will want them.

image credit: Apple

This is not going to help why Android is better, why new flagship competitions are more exciting, innovative, and notably cheaper. Apple is simply the brand we love for discovering America, but finally, their devices will be sold as warm splashes.

The times when Apple marketed innovative products are probably behind us. We believe that next year we will see something more progressive and who knows maybe we will pay the last installment of iPhone X so we can get a new iPhone in future.

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