While the drastic growth of technology can’t be denied, the source of its popularity is debated worldwide. Most of you desire free-to-access applications that don’t burn a hole in your pockets rather offer a gratifying experience. Although it is widely acceptable, there exists enough evidence to prove that it is complete freedom of choice that scripts the success of the smartphone market, as it enables customers to decide on how they wish to spend their money.

10 Worthy Apps of 2016 to Make Real Money

A survey has reported that app users making in-app purchases are five times more likely to make future investments as compared to others. Conversely, the smartphone industry offers an opportunity for the customers to make money with the help of few mobile apps.

Here are the best examples of some of the incredible smartphone applications to help boost your bank account.

  • Mcent


Mcent is a timeworn and one of the most trusted apps that offer free recharge to customers. You can avail unlimitedly recharges with references and downloads. Earlier, it had a web version, but now it only offers the app version. Having gained more than 30 million users since its release, it continues to benefit customers with its unique features. The hassle-free app asks its users to download it for free in return for incremental points. The most famous app amongst its users is likely to hold its position for years to come. You must try this app if you wish to go for free recharge.

  • Shopkick

Shopping lovers, this one is for you. Shopkick is a fantastic app available for free on both iOS and Android devices that reward you for browsing through the stores such as Best Buy and Target. You will be awarded extra points as soon as you enter a store partnered with this application. Also, you can score more by accomplishing certain challenges like scanning barcodes. The simplest way to earn more points is to make a purchase. Pamper yourself while buying products at Sephora or dine at Starbucks by cashing out gift cards once you own enough points.

  • Mobee


Ever wanted to be a spy? If yes, this app caters you with mystery shopping in an interesting way. Compatible with iOs and Android devices, it lets you earn rewards for reviewing few stores and restaurants on the sly. After every mission, collect enough points to redeem and avail gifts cards.

  • Panelplace


A reliable survey panel app provides money making opportunities from leading sources across the globe. The app benefits customers by connecting them to high-paying surveys as they earn bucks in the spare time. The lucrative app is simple as well as easy to use.

  • Checkpoints


The IOs and Android supported app allows you to earn multiple points while you check into a grocery store, café or shopping mall and scan the products you purchase during this process. Another way to score points is by recommending the app to your friend and family member. Points once earned can be redeemed to get rewards from amazon.com, Walmart gift cards, exotic gadgets, and more.

  • Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog collects user’s receipt for producing industry research data for customers. This has further resulted in an innovative incentive reward program. Making money is easy, you simply have to upload an image of receipts after you are done with your shopping and then the company will pay you for this. Luckily, you need not limit your earnings to a certain amount. Make the best out of the virtual slot machines and score instant prize to earn rewards. With this, you will avail the price for your last purchase. Don’t lose heart while you use the app and have a little patience as the company reimburses in the end.

  • SurveyMini


As the name suggests, the app enables you to go for short surveys helping you earn few dollars every month. Interestingly, the app spots you while you eat and shop. Furthermore, modifies the survey as per your purchasing habits catering the clients with enhanced market research information. Not only can you pamper yourself with fabulous gift cards, but also gobble finger-licking cuisines. Plus, the app is not only for Americans but also to benefit U.K customers. So next time you go shopping, do grab fantastic offers!

  • Pact


Rightly said, good things come to those who sweat. Ever imagined, you could get paid for being fit? Sign up the app on your Android and iPhone device and remain healthy. Sounds awkward?  Well, it’s true. Make certain promises to workout, eat vegetables on a weekly basis and earn reward points. And if you are unable to do so, you will end up paying those you do. Isn’t it the best way to keep you motivated?

  • Uento


If you an addictive game lover then you will relish this one. Uento reward you by downloading and playing multiple games. Make your day by grabbing tonnes of bonuses available now and then. Unexpectedly, connecting more users with your reference help you gain additional points. The best part is the support team is always ready to resolve your queries.

  • Tap-Cash

Tap Cash

Another incredible money making app that is worth downloading. Things go simple, download the app, gaze through videos and earn reward points. Once you are done with the job, cash out money through various payments options available like PayPal, gift cards, and more. The app boasts exquisite graphics and spectacular design. The easy to use app comes with few technical errors that can be overlooked. Experience the best support team as it answers all your doubts free of cost.

Most people think apps are only for entertainment purpose, but that’s not the case. Ever thought, raking in free cash could have been simpler than this? Whether you are engaged in a full-time job or not, making extra bucks is always worth it especially with these tried and tested apps. Undoubtedly, the world of mobile phones has made life smarter than ever, and these good apps are a hassle-free way to fatten up your wallet.


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