things you should keep in car 1original
things you should keep in car 1original

We came up with a list of important things every woman needs in her car, so we think it will be fair also to give a list of crucial things every man needs in his car.

All men should always be ready for any situation which is bound to happen on the road. Here are some items a man should always have in his car. Keeping them well packed and handy can save you from so much discomfort.

  • Jumper cables

There is no manipulation to this; every car battery will eventually die. So it always good and advisable to have a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your car.

  • Portable Charger

You can use this to charge your phone without an electrical outlet.  Having one of these things on-hand is pretty significant.

  • Flashlight

You may need to drive late at night; a good LED flashlight is extremely required if you have a flat tire which must be changed.

  • Water bottles

You don’t have to keep a whole pack of a water bottle in your car. Just a few bottle will be cool.

  • Work gloves

Just imagine yourself going for an important event then you have a flat tire. You will need work gloves to prevent your hands from getting dirty so as not to ruin your night.

  • Spare tire

This is one thing that you must not do without. Make sure you have a spare tire in your car at all time and don’t forget to replace your spare after you use it.

  • Jack

Most car comes with inferior jacks. So get a new one of good quality.

  • First Aid Kits

It’s always nice to have first aid kits handy at all time; an emergency may happen to you or someone on the road.

  • Paper Maps

GPS or Google maps is not always right, therefore to avoid missing your way, get the road map of your journey and get familiar with it.

  • Money

It doesn’t have to be too much. Just keep some change for when unforeseen circumstances happen.

  • Car Manual

Not all men are good with engines. Eventually there will be a problem you simply don’t know how to solve. The owner’s manual will help fill in the gaps.

  • Life Hammer

You can use this to break your window, cut your seat belt just in case of an accident and you are trapped.

  • Extra Battery

Cell phone batteries can be unreliable. Make sure you have a fully charged spare battery in your car, in case your cell phone battery goes off and don’t have a charger to charge.

  • Fire Extinguisher

An auto extinguisher is useful as car fires can be dangerous because of the flammable liquids that are in their systems. Keep an extinguisher in the car that can be used not only for your own emergencies, but for others who might be in danger as well.

  • Snacks

Lastly, having a snack in your car may not be a bad idea because you will never know how long you will be stranded especially if there is traffic.

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