apple marzo
apple marzo

As we approach the expected presentation of the new line of iPhone, which is normally held every ending of the year, the hypothetical advances increase on Apple’s upcoming devices on the net. Today we come back to talk about it because on Geekbench, one of the best known benchmarking platforms, a mysterious device has been tested that says it’s called iPhone 11.2.

Obviously, the latter is a code name but could vaguely allude to the successor of iPhone X. As we can see from the summary table of the test reported in the gallery, the device scored slightly higher than that obtained by the iPhone X, in both single-core and multi-core modes.

Moreover, among the technical specifications, we read that the smartphone, at the time of the test, integrated 4 GB of RAM and iOS 12.0. The processor used for the test is hexa-core with a clock frequency up to 2.49 GHz, very similar to that of the latest top of the Apple range.

From the test we can not get further suggestions, in addition to the evidence that the features reported all refer to the device that will happen in direct line to iPhone X. Obviously, it is only personal interpretations, we will return to update as soon as more details will emerge.

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