Kodi Mod Build 2018
Kodi Mod Build 2018

Today, in particular, I point out that a few hours is available for downloading a new version of Kodi Mod, a build that includes many add-ons for Kodi that allows you to really watch everything in streaming for free. 

If you use Kodi, you must absolutely download and install Kodi Mod: in two clicks you can automatically install all the best add-ons for Kodi to really look at anything for free.

And the interesting thing is that  Kodi Mod does everything by itself: you configure it in two clicks, then it will go to download and install all the add-ons necessary for its proper operation without you having to do anything.

But do not waste time, let’s see what’s new in this update of Kodi Mod and especially how to download and install it on your Kodi.

First, however, we thank the Androidaba guys for reporting this unmissable news!

Kodi Mod Build, what is it?

As we have already said in the past, Kodi Mod is the best build  to install to watch everything you want in free streaming on Kodi: Sport, Football, Rugby, Formula 1, MotoGP, Champions League, Europa League, local football championships, European football leagues, movies, TV series, digital television and satellite television.

There really is everything! 

Whatever you want to watch streaming, with Kodi Mod you can do it for free.

If you install Kodi Mod Build on your Kodi, you do not need anything else: you can really watch everything in free streaming, from movies to TV series, without forgetting all local and international sporting events, obviously passing through local digital and satellite TV.

As anticipated, all the add-ons and repo that you need to watch all this for free are already installed and configured and you will not have to do anything if you do not get comfortable and enjoy viewing the content.

Kodi is a very complete, powerful and customizable program, but the first configuration and download of the add-ons may seem difficult or complex for less experienced users. Here, with Kodi Mod all these problems are solved since everything will be downloaded, configured and installed automatically in a couple of clicks. You could not ask for anything better!

If I still have not convinced you about Kodi Mod, here is a video that shows the incredible potential of this Build. You will find inside the best add-ons for sports, movies, TV series, IPTV and much more!

Kodi Mod Build main features

Here are the main strengths of Kodi Mod:

  • Includes the best add-ons
  • Includes the best repositories
  • Includes the best sports add-ons
  • Provides self-cleaning of cache/packages/thumbnails at startup to keep Kodi always fast, efficient and responsive, without jerky, blocking, slowing down or buffering
  • Has TV enabled with logos channels and EPG (if online)
  • It allows you to manage your personalized favorites with the best IPTV lists

As you can see, there’s everything you need to get Kodi up and running to watch everything in streaming for free.

Even the less experienced users, thanks to Kodi Mod, will be able to watch everything they want in streaming, without effort, without difficulty.

If you are attracted to this incredible Kodi Mod, let’s see how to install it on your Kodi. 

Update August 2018

With the recent update, Kodi Mod has been optimized, some problems have been corrected and Icarus has been added,  the new addon that allows you to watch all the movies and all the tv series in streaming for free.

We talked about it here:

How to install Kodi Mod

The steps are simple and fast. As anticipated, this is the perfect solution for novice users.

First of all, you need to download and install Kodi on your PC or Mac. You can download Kodi directly from the 


Once this is done, you must:

  • start Kodi
  • go to  SYSTEM  and click on  File Manager
  • Double-click on  Add Source 
  • Click on  <None> , enter the url  https://androidaba.com/addons  and click on  Done
  • Rename the new source in  aba repo
  • Return to the Kodi home
  • Click  SYSTEM / Add-On / Install from a zip file 

Now the procedure is split according to the version of Kodi you use:

  • KODI 16: go back to the home and click on  SYSTEM / Add-On / Install from a zip file 
  • KODI 17:  back in the home and click on  Add-on / First icon on the top left / Install from a zip file

The guide here is the same for all versions of Kodi:

  • Click on  aba repo / plugin.video.KodiMod-1.0.8.zip
  • Wait for the notification to confirm the installation
  • Go back to the Kodi home
  • Click on  VIDEO / Add-on Video / KodiMod
  • Install the  Kodi Mod  version of your Kodi version (the Mods are organized by date)
  • At the end of the installation close Kodi by the appropriate OFF key   and confirm by clicking on  Exit
  • Reopen Kodi and enjoy your updated version of Kodi Mod.

Using this build will be easy and in a few moments, you will be able to watch sports, movies, TV series, television and more in streaming for free. 

Possible problems with Kodi Mod

After installing Kodi Mod, you may encounter some minor bugs or problems.

Here are some quick tips to solve them quickly.

Translate Kodi into Other Languages

If you want to translate the Build in other languages from English you can follow these directions:

  • Click on  SYSTEM / Appearance / International
  • Click on the right side of  Language
  • Click on  your preferred language

And here’s that as if by magic now everything works correctly in 6 major languages. 

TV not enabled on Kodi

If for some reason the TV does not work in the Build (and therefore the TV item does not appear  in Kodi’s main menu), follow this procedure to enable it:

  • Click on  SYSTEM / TV
  • Activate the Enable item 


Now you can enjoy this spectacular build for Kodi, which will allow you to watch everything you want for free streaming:  movies, TV series, local television, satellite television, sporting events and much more!

Try it, you will not be disappointed, it’s really fantastic!

Remember that for any doubt or question you can leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible.

Best Kodi addons August 2018

As anticipated, Kodi Mod includes all the best addons for Kodi.

You will not have to download or add more: just use Kodi Mod to make sure you use the best ones in circulation, all the most powerful and those that work best ever.


As anticipated, Kodi Mod also includes IPTV lists. They are the free ones, that could stop going at any moment, that could suffer from buffering or blocks of various kinds, but I must say that in the various tests I always found myself well. Even if they are free IPTV lists, they allow you to watch streaming digital and satellite TV without major problems.

Kodi Live TV

In addition to sports, movies and TV series, with Kodi Mod it is also possible to watch live tv, then digital and satellite television in live streaming in a few clicks, with a very good quality!

Kodi addons sport

If you’re a sports fan, this build is for you: it includes all the best Kodi addons dedicated to sport. Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Formula 1, MotoGP and much more: all the sports you are interested in will be visible for free in streaming, even in HD, thanks to Kodi Mod.


  • the service has not been developed by us: in this article, we simply make the review/report, as we do with every other program for Windows PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet Android and iOS
  • if you use the app or service to illegally watch sports/movies or anything else in streaming, do so at your own risk, assuming the responsibilities of the case
  • This article is for information purposes only, to respond to all the emails I receive every day since responding individually to everyone became complicated
  • this article does not in any way entice the user to violate any copyright of the content, but is intended as a disclosure of information on the operation of app/extension/add-on / Internet sites already present and available online and easily identified with a simple Google search
  • I strongly discourage the use of these services, since I do not know if they are legal or not

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