MacBook Air is a product of Apple. It is one of the subnotebook computers released on the Apple. This device has a full sized keyboard, a machined aluminum case and a thin light makeup. The first of its ind was released back in 2008.

A brief introduction to the MacBook Air tells us that its display size is 13.3 inches. All macBook Air devices come with a solid-state drive and Intel Core 15/17.

Here are three reasons why this MacBook Air is for you.

For one thing, it was designed to be ultra-portable. It looks like the company is looking for ways to make thinner products as the years go by. The thinner it is, the more portable the device will be.

Yet, the product comes with much better screen resolution. That is a second reason why the MacBook Air is a hit. It comes with LED-backlit glossy widescreen display.

Third is the hardware and software. If you are tired of the shenanigans of Android or Windows, hop on the other side of things, as MacOS could be your next big hit. No trouble learning it, as Apple will provide a qualitative walkthrough for you.

Remember, like Windows, Apple has got its own App Store. It comes along with iTunes for purchasing music. You will find many other apps there too, like the maps and calendars, notes, iWork, all that can be downloaded free.

Why Phones Are Getting More Expensive in 2018

But it is expensive. Of course, the latest updates make the price go up. Back in 2015, MacBook Airs sold with prices starting below $1,000 USD. Now the basic price of MacBook Air is above $1,000 USD. Once the user opts for more storage space, the price goes up.

With the new Mojave OS pre-installed, you get three new apps (Stocks, Voice Memos and Home) into the rest of the Apple Store components. If at the end of the day you think that Windows will give you more happiness, you can revert by installing Windows 10 on your MacBook Air. Simply go to the ‘BootCamp’ utility to do this.

If you are a photographer, you would love making use of MacBook Air for building your business. With new model coming out with 16GB of RAM, your options seem limitless with software such as the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


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