3 Webcam video surveillance programs


With the right program, a webcam connected to a computer lends itself perfectly not only to video chat but also to create a video surveillance system for your home.

3 Webcam video surveillance programs


To control the home or office remotely with an excellent security system you can download and use Senriska, a software for video surveillance online via Webcam which, through sensors, activates one or more cams when someone passes in front of you.

This software also sends the detected image via e-mail and SMS and supports multiple webcams simultaneously connected on USB interfaces or connected to the network via IP.

All in all, it is an excellent open source program with perfect motion detection to monitor workplaces such as offices and rooms.


Yawcam (Yet Another Webcam Software) is a free program that, similarly to Home Camera, allows you to activate in a few seconds and in a very simple way a control and video surveillance system that is characterized in particular by the following features:

  • Motion Detection: Yawcam is able to detect any movement within the visual space of the webcam; through the configuration options it is possible to set the sensitivity level and any specific areas to be monitored
  • Video Streaming: The videos recorded by the webcam controlled through Yawcam can also be made available remotely so as to be visible from any computer with a browser and connected to the Internet
  • Stealth Mode: Yawcam can run in hidden mode, starting in the background on Windows boot and remaining invisible to any user. This feature is very useful when you want to monitor who uses the computer when, for example, it remains unattended

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D

 offers itself as a valid alternative for video surveillance programs, which using an advanced intelligence system for the detection of movements, makes the accuracy with which the actions that trigger webcam activity are as accurate as possible, and it is much more practical to watch hours or days of recording movies.

Thanks to the creation of some rules, it is possible to define very precisely the areas that will start the recording, and always with the same system, it is possible to view only the exact moments in which the activities took place, skipping hours of video dishes where not nothing happens.

Vitamin D also allows you to receive notifications via email, and therefore also on the mobile phone, containing one or more images of the survey captured according to the rules and the areas that we have asked to check.

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