Facebook begins to give more information about its security problem revealed in September. They have already confirmed that the amount of accounts affected in this case is 30 million accounts. In addition, it was possible to access the basic information of 29 million profiles in the social network. Finally, the number is lower than the initial estimates, but it is still a worrisome fact.

30 million accounts on Facebook were compromised after the hack

In addition, the company has wanted to share openly the way in which this attack has been carried out. Undoubtedly, an information that many were waiting to know.

Attack on Facebook

The first thing the attackers did was to take control of a small number of accounts in the social network. All these accounts had friends. Using an automated access tokens theft technique, they began to do so with the accounts of the friends of these people. So, this was done with more profiles on Facebook. At one point, they had 400,000 accounts under their control.

They had access to the information posted on the wall, groups, names of conversations and friends lists. Although there were 400,000 accounts, they managed to end up affecting 29 million accounts in the social network. Since not in all cases they have had access to the same information in these profiles.

For 15 million users it was possible to see the name and contact details (phone number, email or both). The remaining 14 million were victims of further data theft, including location or devices used to access Facebook.

Facebook has commented that the FBI is currently conducting an investigation. So it is possible that more information will come out in the coming weeks in the light of this.


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