4 Best iOS Data Monitor Apps Similar to DataMan Pro


The internet has availed us with tons of information that are very useful to us. We can easily access this information even with out mobile device. Surfing the internet can come to a point where you go beyond limits and exhaust your data allowance. What is worse is that ypor gets money wasted and you wouldn't want this to happen. There are apps that can help you monitor your data usage and DataMan Pro is one of them. DataMan Pro is a great app for tracking data but you may want other options and that's why we've compiled four alternatives for your iPhone or iPads.

Best Data Monitor Apps Similar to DataMan Pro for iOS

  1. DataMan Next

DataMan Next is a good alternative to DataMan Pro and they share some similarities. Without an in-app purchase, the app does not have tons of features, but it has a good look. It lets you know how much of your monthly allowance you've used as it tracks your cellular and Wi-Fi usage. Below on the screen, you can view the amount of cellular data that has been used likewise for Wi-Fi data. It is also possible to view the number of days your current data allowment will ends. You can set notifications to let the app tell you when you reach 90, 70, and 50 percent of your allotment.


  1. My Data Manager

If you are the type that keeps exhausting your data allowance, it must be really frustrating. You'll be losing some money. What's worse is managing a limited amount of mobile data for your family. This app - My Data Manager - has the Shared Plans features to manage and monitor the data usage of the members of your family in a single place. You will be able to set daily limits to take full control of your family data usage. You'll get alerts when any of your family member is passing the boundary. The app splits your internet data usage into pieces.


  1. MobiStats

The idea that MobiStats is based upon is that we can learn efficient data usage habits we can discover where we use data the most. It watches how much data you use per month on a daily basis and sets monthly forecast for your expected use. This information can be filtered for cellular, roaming, or Wi-Fi. Your stats history can also be tracked by day, month, and all time.


  1. SnapStats

SnapStats does more than just tracking your data usage. It monitors your phone’s battery life, CPU, and GPU, too, and it provides device information among other things. If you desire an app that can track many many functions at once, then you should go for this. To take full advantage of its features, it is imperative that you make in-app purchases. It is also possible to select up to five details among the system model, boot time, device display type, battery usage, network data usage, disk usage, RAM statistics, CPU usage, beautiful charts, theming system, and more.


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