4 best photo editing apps for iPhone XS and XS Max

Even in iOS 12, Apple's integrated photo editing tools are skinny. Considering the camera power of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, the device requires a more efficient image editor. We see 4 of the best photo editing apps for iOS. We also recommend reading the tutorial on the best Video Editing Apps on iPhone.

Affinity Photo

Application of absolute value to download on your iPhone, one of the best ever. The most powerful app in circulation that takes full advantage of the additional computing power available on Apple's new top range, with excellent photo editing tools always at your fingertips.

Several tools available for multiple creatives. You will pay the wonderful features offered by the App about 20 dollars.


Application of photo editing of the highest quality, especially considering that it is offered free of charge. It will not cost you a penny, the latest app currently available on the App Store that provides corrections to your images, valid tools without paying any additional cost. If you're not familiar with this kind of application, do not worry Snapseed is an intuitive tool to edit any photo in just a few taps.

Many filters to apply to your photos are waiting for you, improved commands compared to previous versions of the application, sharing and much more.


Depending on the kind of photo editing you want to perform with your iPhone, VSCO could be the perfect application for your needs. It offers a wide range of editing options that can be easily used by anyone. Retro and modern options such as colored shadows and reflections, as well as simple adjustments to brightness and contrast.

VSCO also offers a very attractive gallery of catchy filters, with free options in the application and other filters available for purchase. If you want a trendy look for your photos, download the app for your iPhone and share your masterpieces on social media.


Pixelmastor is the latest application on our list. It offers tools of the highest level able to satisfy even the most demanding user. The app is fully compatible with Apple's new iPhone and includes drag-and-drop support and the HEIF image codec just supported by the Californian company.

Give a touch of creativity to your photos and share them on social networks showing your masterpieces.


One of the most used editors for most users is Google's Snapseed. For those who want an excellent application with powerful tools, we recommend Affinity Photo while for other users who are beginners can benefit from Pixelmator.

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