RSS which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a good way to keep track of stories and read them. An RSS app for iPhone will gather stories and articles from the RSS sources of websites and blogs and give it to you in one place. This will ensure you stay updated, always informed and you and read your favourite news and stories. Here are 5 best RSS reader apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best RSS Reader Apps for iPhone/iPad

  1. Feed Wrangler

This is an RSS reader that is free of distraction with its claim to offer the cleanest interface compared to all RSS tools. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you manage feeds, follow your favorite websites, or even use its podcast stream to join podcasts. With streams, the RSS apps keeps your poecasts and site subscriptions in sn organised fashion. According to your preference, you can assign specific subscriptios or topics to these streams. You can also get your reading queue emptied to begin afresh when you’re overwhelmed with content.


  1. Newsify

You’ll get more than the RSS feed option most RSS reader provides with this app on your iOS device. The USP of the app looks like a newspaper-like layout which makes reading websites and blogs a great experience. It features night mode so that you won’t hurt your eyes while reading at night. There are three cool themes in the app such as light sepia and grey which can give you a better reading expeience. You can create your own Library and use the syncing option with iCloud to keep track of your articles on all your devices. Custom feed URLa can also be added and you can share your favourite articles via multiple services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. .


  1. Flipboard

If you crave for news from around the globe in one place in an organised fashion, then you should go for Flipboard. This news and RSS reader app allows you to quickly access top 9 smart magazine in the redesigned home carousel. You can create you own custom smart magazines by adding sources. Read, like and share articles and stories on various topics. Stories can also be collected around specific gernes and added to personal magazines.


  1. Feedly

This app gathered a massive 3 million new users base in less than one month after Google Reader died. Without mincing words, it is the most popular RSS reader today, even for the fact that it is accessible via iOS devices, as well as Android and Web platforms. It has a very clean and simple, user-friendly interface that makes it the best for casual readers looking to browse through their favorite websites in a single place.


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