Security is of utmost importance when it comes to an iPhone or iPad. The reason is because we won’t want to lose our data or phone to hackers or thieves. Most of our iPhones have important information which ranges from photos to contacts and email to card details and we won’t want them to be attacked and stolen. These is where security apps come into play. The security apps listed here vary in function as some secure passwords while some keep photos and videos in a vault.

Best Security Apps for iPhone/iPad

  1. mSecure – Password Manager

When talking about secure password management , there are two big players: 1PasswordLock and mSecure. We can say mSecure is as good as 1PasswordLock. The app is capable of providing top level of security to protect and manage your various passwords. Encryption on your data is done by the industry standard AES 256-bit encryption. It possesses an inbuilt password generator that will enable you create strong passwords. With the help of Touch ID and Face ID, you will have the ability to provide additional security for your data.


  1. ProtonMail

When you download and use ProtonMail, you are sure to enjoy the features of the world’s largest secure mail application. Practically, it is impossible for any third person to read or do any changes to the email with this app involved. It is based on the strict Swiss privacy laws. Employing the end-to-end encryption method, all emails sent are automatically secured. The ProtonMail is compatible with other email accounts. There’s no much difference in using this service and other mail service as using this security app is like utilizing a regular mailing service.


  1. Keeply

Think of Keeply like a security vault. It keeps your photos, videos, passwords, notes and more secured. What makes this app unique is that if an intruder forces his way into the app to gain access to you data, the photo of that person is taken by the front camera so you can late know who the person was. If you have people who you don’t want to reveal your password to but at the same time obligated to give it, you can provide them with a fake pin which gets the app unlocked but shows an empty vault to the prying eyes.


  1. Lookout

This app gives protection to your device, valuable data and identity with a mobile security that is powerful. Also your data gets shielded from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. It features a system advisor which notifies you when you are exposed security vulnerabilities. When your battery is low, your phone’s location is automatically saved. The app also keeps track of your social media accounts to make sure your personal information is safe.


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