Galaxy Tab S4 Featured 840x560
Galaxy Tab S4 Featured 840x560

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the device that replaces the smaller Tab S3 which came out in 2017. Samsung hopes that users will prefer it to a PC. The company thinks that with the price, $800, and with the essential book cover and other aspects it will hopefully achieve that feat.

Let’s take a brief look at four reasons why enterprise users will love this product.

  1. Productivity

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 offers productivity features that people in business will love. The business executive will always cherish simplifying everything and that’s what the Tab does. Mobile users in a range of industries can now have it very easy. Those away from their desk will not miss out as they can complete chores from anywhere they are.

Make use of the device for as much work as you would for play. The dual mode enabled DeX allows for the creation of different user experience. The Tab can be used in healthcare facilities besides a patient’s bed to fill out forms, take notes and elsewhere, it can be used to record sales, while others may use it for presentation.

  1. DeX

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a 10.5-inch screen device that most users will appreciate using in the DeX mode. This mode makes anyone to feel like he or she is using a PC. With DeX, the user can connect to an external monitor and can also launch from the Quick Panel. Just attach the optional book cover keyboard accessory and you’re fine.

This is very possible with the use of an HDMI port.

DeX enables multiple functions like opening several desktop Windows screen at the same time, resize them if necessary, drag and drop between apps and use keyboard shortcuts and commands.

  1. Power of S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with a stylus called S Pen. The Pen became popular with Samsung Galaxy Note flock of phones. It enables users to take on-screen notes, draw pictures and even do more.

The newest version of the S Pen is marvelous, enabling you to notch things up when the Screen-Off Memo feature is activated. Yes, navigate, translate, and organize notes, send personalized Samsung Live Messages. You don’t have to buy the S Pen separately. It comes with the device.

  1. Device Security Features

Perhaps this is what makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 most powerful. The company is touting the Samsung Knox, a defense-grade mobile security platform. Why is this essential? Additionally, security measures are essential because many employees breach IT policies and use their mobile devices in ways that can put companies in security risks.

Since Galaxy Tab S4 has no fingerprint scanner or physical button, most people will get blown away at how to unlock the device. But there’s an iris scanner and face scanner for biometric ID if that’s what you want to use to unlock the device.


It appears that Samsung is particularly targeting enterprise users with the product at this time. Might that be why it is somewhat pricey? Probably. However, the specifications, details, and features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 show that the device is actually one that justifies not only its pricing but also its use.

The Galaxy Tab S4 will hit the US market on August 10.

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