Action games
Action games

Gaming is popular than ever, and this is attributed to the mobile devices we carry. At least almost everyone carries either an Android device or iDevice. Previously, consoles were the big thing, but now with a fairly powerful Android device, you can have what was present in those consoles in your palm. Many developers are working tirelessly to create and improve mobile games. Action game is one of these games that attract much attention from developers and game players. Choosing the best of action games can be difficult, and this article talks about 5 of them you can select, download, and play.

Best Action Games for Android

1. Guns Of Boom

You get many weapons to subdue the enemies, lots of guns to kill the bad guys and easy shooting controls to aid you to victory in missions. Game of Boom is one of the best action games with it featuring PvP battles. There are lots more such as artillery of weapons like machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns. It is a full action-packed game. The game involves you playing as a soldier who undergoes missions to kill opponents and dodge attacks from them.


2. Battlelands Royale

Having a cartoony graphical interface, Battlelands Royale is a great action game that features the gameplay of PUGB and Fortnight. It is designed for mobile devices and comes out elegant in a simplistic design. It follows after the popular last man standing excellent gameplay. Like the way PUGB and Fortnight works, you face a bunch of players numbering 29 and parachute down a map. You do this being armed with weapons and armor so you can terminate the life of your enemies and become safe from them.


3. Age of Zombies

It’s a zombie world. This Contra shooter game has you fighting zombies who are progressively rising to the end of the world. In this case, you struggle to survive attacks from the zombies. Your battle against them is achieved by fighting with a mixed bag of weapons. The weapons available at your disposal are to be used to support you for a while. It is a game that has a story with certain difficulties.


4. Critical Ops

As a player in Critical Ops, you either play as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist unit. It is one of the best shooter action games in the store. It supports online multiplayer and is regarded as a great game at that. With a simple design, it requires skill to triumph over enemies and become victorious.


5. Shadow Fight 3

With a challenging gameplay that Shadow Fight 3 has to offer, you get a top-notch game in one package. There are different kinds of game modes such as story mode(complete chapters), events(fight and win rewards), and duel(real-time PvP). The game works by you as the player becoming a fighter whose goal is to defeat your opponent. This is effected by upgrading weapons, adding new abilities, and increasing your power.


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