There’s no way you wouldn’t use a keyboard on your mobile device, be it Android or iOS. Virtual keyboards have changed the way we input text and other variables and they are the norm on smartphones. The SwiftKey keyboard is a very popular keyboard having many features and options to deliver a great typing experience. While it may have all the features you’re looking out for in a keyboard, you may still want to try something new. That’s why I have prepared this article to reveal the best alternatives to SwiftKey

Best SwiftKey Alternatives

  1. Gboard

1 Gboard A SwiftKey Alternative
Gboard – A SwiftKey Alternative

Gboard by Google is very popular among mobile users. Both on Android and iOS, it works and can serve as your primary keyboard. The app was designed by Google and thanks to them there are no ads. The keyboard app integrates with other popular Google apps and services like Assistant, Translate, and Search. Gboard also supports Maps and YouTube.

Gboard boasts of various kinds of keyboard styles and themes, handwriting features, swipe option for input, and also gestures. The app has a clipboard, floating keyboard, GIFs search and dictionary. It is a SwiftKey alternative worth trying out.

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2. Flesky Keyboard

2 Flesky Keyboard A SwiftKey Alternative
Flesky Keyboard – A SwiftKey Alternative

Flesky Keyboard also deserves a spot on the list of the best alternatives to SwiftKey. The keyboard app holds the Guinness world record for having a better typing speed than others, several useful extensions that will assist you in typing. In Flesky, there’s an unmatched autocorrect feature so that your mistakes are corrected automatically and you don’t have to hit the correct character.

The keyboard app boasts of various keyboard layouts (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK, or Colemak), lots of emoji, many themes, and much more. To use Flesky previously, you would have to subscribe but now you can use the features for free.

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3. FancyKey Keyboard

3 FancyKey Keyboard A SwiftKey Alternative
FancyKey Keyboard – A SwiftKey Alternative

FancyKey is like SwiftKey and is a great option if you’re a customization freak who wants everything to look his way. The keyboard features a store with lots and lots of themes. You’d really want more than customization and FancyKey has great functionalities and features to improve your typing experience. Though FancyKey’s word prediction & autocorrect isn’t as great as that of SwiftKeys, it still does the job well.

The keyboard also has in the package keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ, emoji and emoticon keyboard, and swipe/gesture typing. Unfortunately, there’s no support for bilingual typing. Customization options as we said earlier are heavy in FancyKeys and you can change the appearance of the keyboard’s key shape, background, shadow, color, sound, typing effect, font, etc.

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4. Grammarly

4 Grammarly Keyboard A SwiftKey Alternative
Grammarly Keyboard – A SwiftKey Alternative

Grammarly will help you have error-free messages, emails, and paperwork. The keyboard is minimalistic in nature and has minimal options alongside. The keyboard is best known for its world-class error correction. Skilled writers leverage the keyboard to have error-free copies and compose a sentence that is grammatically correct. So if you care about grammar, then this may be the best keyboard for you.

Grammarly Keyboard has some features like a bunch of emojis but can’t be compared to the fancy options that SwiftKey offers like theming, glide typing, and extra. As a writer and for your writing success, choose Grammarly.

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5. Minuum Keyboard

5 Minuum Keyboard A SwiftKey Alternative
Minuum Keyboard – A SwiftKey Alternative

Having Minuum Keyboard on your device gives you a great typing experience. Some other keyboard apps use up a sheer amount of screen space but Minuum isn’t like them. Minuum Keyboard doesn’t take up too much space and helps you achieve efficiency when typing.

If you’re on a browser and it is necessary for you to input a URL or password, you can bring up the full-sized keyboard mode to help you achieve that. The auto-correct feature isn’t lacking and is capable of correcting your mistakes. The keyboard is also loaded with emoji, word prediction, and voice typing features. Other features included in Minuum are clipboard tools, cursor control, search, among others.

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