Bluetooth 2
Bluetooth 2

The Bluetooth technology is an old one present on most phones. Bluetooth allows us to send files, and perform other interesting function. The iPhone is a powerful device and utilizing the Bluetooth feature of it can bring fun, make things easier and let people communicate with each other.  The Bluetooth on a device is made in a way that it can communicate with other devices around it and thereby share things. Let’s see how apps on iPhone are making the Bluetooth technology an important one.

Best Bluetooth Apps for iPhone and other iOS devices

  1. BlueMe

BlueMe works for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and is used to transfer photos, contacts, files via Bluetooth to other devices. The app has many features. This app not only allows you to make the transfer of photos and contacts but you can also communicate with voice over a distance also via Bluetooth. Communication, in the nature of voice via Bluetooth may just be for fun, not necessarily an important function.


  1. CovertTrack Bluetooth Tracker

There are times you get your Bluetooth-enabled device (headphones, mouse, or others), misplaced. It could be around your house or workplace. The Bluetooth Tracker is an app that can save you from this situation. It helps to find all of the Bluetooth Low Energy devices around that area and detect their signal strength. The app makes use of audio and visual features to get an estimate of where the devices are from where you are. Upon detecting and discovering a device, the app will show the broadcasted name and UID and you can start monitoring.


  1. Intercom | AirPlay Bluetooth

You can transmit your voice to any Bluetooth or AirPlay audio device via this app called Intercom. What is necessary is to select your speakers from the list of audio route available and then press down the Talk button. After doing this, say whatever you want to say and upon releasing the button, the piece you said can be heard from the speakers you chose. For instance, you can ask one of your kids in the house to bring the shovel from the store so you can use it in the garden. You could also communicate to your wife to come down from the room to the living room to host a visitor.


  1. LightBlue Explorer

Let your devices be connected together through Bluetooth. The app is loaded with 2 modes; central and peripheral. The central mode has you looking for devices that utilize Bluetooth technology around you. When connected, you will be able to view all device profiles, as well as writing characteristics and subscribing to notifications. The peripheral mode is a mode that you just click on the blue circle on the screen and you can start doing the modeling of the peripheral equipment. Characteristics can be viewed and read and profiles of peripheral devices can be loaded.


  1. Bluetooth & Wifi Tool Box Pro

This app is loaded with tons of Bluetooth and Wifi features. The app makes it easy to share files with surrounding devices as well as communicating with friends. Text can be sent, the app can turn your phone to a walkie talkie. If you want to catch more fun, a Tic Tac Toe game can be played with you friend right from this app. As a parent, this app can be used as a baby monitor instead of having another separate monitoring app.


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