Brain Apps for iPhone
Brain Apps for iPhone

We do many things with our smartphones, and they are devices that help us to work smartly and efficiently. With the increasing workload and stress that happens in our everyday life, there is a need for the brain to loosen up from the stress and become more agile and alert. This are where brain training games shine. They have mini-games that works on the brain to make it sharper. Studies show that brain games have a great effect on the brain and that’s why we have collected the best brain games for iPhone.

Best Brain Games for iOS

  1. Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain game that is largely known and used by a whopping 90 million people worldwide. Upon launching the app after install, you’ll be asked to undertake a ‘Fit Test’ that will calculate your baseline score. Your baseline score will then bring up daily workouts tailored for you. These workouts include critical thinking games, problem-solving games, memory games, puzzles, logic games. It is possible to track your scores in Lumosity and know how you improve over time.


2. Elevate

This is a free brain training app offering personalized training exercises that improves your cognitive skills, focus and processing abilities. There are over forty games in Elevate that are assigned to aid you in becoming more productive and self-confident. The games are focused on maths, writing, reading, listening, articulation so that you can communicate efficiently with others. Get challenged on the expansion of your vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar. The exercises are personalized to help you achieve better mental abilities. You can track yourself to check if you are improving.


3. Peak

With Peak, you get over 20 minigames that’ll give a boost to your concentration, memory, mental agility, language, and problem-solving skills. Researchers from top universities provided their input to make this app useful for improving the brain. There are games that adults and children will like just like Lumosity. A game like this is Turtle Traffic – a game that enhances mental agility and has the user navigating a turtle through the sea to collect jellyfish. A personalized workout plan is created when you’re done with the baseline tests. These workouts are based on your performance. It is recommended that you train with the app three days per week.


4. Cognito

Cognito is a more game-like app than the other apps on this list. It features secrets agents games and global spying missions focusing on achieving brain training at the end. You get memory, logic, and word mini games alongside stats that track your improvements over time. It can also get data like steps and sleep from Apple’s Health app to let you know the effect of exercise and sleep on your mental agility. You can play it for free every day but to get the most out of it, you may consider subscribing to a plan.


5. Mensa Brain Training

Mensa holds the record for being the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, and they now have their own brain training app. Mensa experts put their heads together to develop series of the challenging game to help improve your brain abilities. The app enables you to develop in five aspects – Memory, Concentration, Agility, Perception and Reasoning. The app provides you with a personal Mensa Brain Index and also your global percentile for each aspects.


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