5 Best Building Games for Android

Simulation games imitate the real-life experience and put them in a game-like storyline. Building games are an example of these games and they have contributed to the simulation game genre. They are fun to play and have you constructing structures and making sure everything goes fine with what you’re building. Playing them helps you develop strategies for overcoming challenges you may encounter as you play the games. Here are the 5 games that have been listed for you and they are the best building games we recommend.

Best Building Games for Android

  1. Town City – Village Building Sim Paradise Game

Sparkling Society Games have Town City in their collection and you can download it on your Android device. It features you building a casual city and you experience a unique theme around the game. If you like the urban life, then this game is suitable for you. Establish and organize a modern town in your own way and make it come alive. You get to unlock more than 100 beautiful buildings as you play. If you desire to experience the challenges of exploring new grounds, then you shouldn’t wait any longer, head on and download Town City.


2. SimCity BuildIt

In SimCity BuildIt you’re given the opportunity to establish a beautiful city. The city continues to grow and the challenge comes when you have to make the citizens who keep increasing to be happy. Set a well-planned vision and make sure the tax level is constant. The game allows you to rotate the city in 360-degree directions as well as zoom to see areas specifically. Specific landmarks can be added to the city to make it more popular. It allows for online multiplayer mode earning its uniqueness among other games.


3. City Island 4 – Simulation Town

This is one of the best city building apps for Android and it is popular too. The game has you establishing a small village located on one island and developing it to the size of a large urban area that comprises of more than one island. You’d begin the game by overseeing the whole village and building it up in all areas. To bring this to reality, you’ll have to implement tasks and quest and you’d earn good gifts and bonuses for completing them. If you perform excellently at constructing buildings in the right positions, a great amount of profit awaits you in the city’s treasury. The game is of high-quality graphics and original design and you’ll love every part of it.


4. Minecraft

You can also play Minecraft and build things with it. The game allows you to start building from scratch. Use the resources which you’ll find there to build the house you want and that’s where your creative power is unleashed. In Minecraft there is the provision of unlimited resources so that can make weapons for protection. It also has the multiplayer option to enjoy the game with others.


5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is another best house building games that was launched in 2015. You get fun with brilliant gameplay in this building game. It’s a freemium game and has been tagged with many titles hence it’s brilliance. As the player, you send the Dwellers on the surface above to get into the adventure and you can loot the required items back. As a player, you must ensure that the inhabitants do not lose their lives. Do everything to secure them and protect them.


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