5 Best Calendar Apps for Android 2019
5 Best Calendar Apps for Android 2019

One good way of organizing your life is by having a calendar app. This way, you can keep track of important events, and you don’t miss them. With the views available in them, you can check things at a glance or in a broad view. The Google Play store has many apps that may get you confused. This is the reason why TechLector has gone round to bring out the best five, so you have an app worthy of use.

Best Calendar Apps for Android

1. Google Calendar

This Calendar app from Google comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is a good one. The app can sync with other calendar apps, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Color-code your events and schedules so that you can see and identify them easily. With the daily view mode, weekly view mode, and the monthly view mode track whatever you want to track. It is also possible with the aid of Google Calendar to redirect the location of events.


2. Microsoft Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, there’s an email box with a Calendar also. The app opens to your inbox first, and you need a single tap to get to the calendar. The calendar is feature-rich has options for syncing. Microsoft Exchange works on the app and Google Calendar, and even Yahoo is supported. The calendar has a clean interface, easy to use, and has a beautiful view on Android, thanks to Material Design. Your events can be viewed in an agenda, day, three-day, and monthly view. When an event is approaching, simple notifications pop up to alert you of it. To access things faster, there are two widgets the app has: one with an agenda view of your calendar, and another, icon-shaped widget, which takes you to the Outlook calendar directly.


3. aCalendar

aCalendar gives you that widget feels with its motivating colors and easy navigation. The app gives you the freedom to view your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar, and you’ll be able to organize the events.  The advantage of the widget is that it will give an avenue for you not to move between apps since you can easily access the calendar via the widget. To navigate between planners and calendars, swipe sideways. The app also features a sync feature so you can sync your pictures from your contacts list and attach them to events. Lastly, you can share data across other devices via NFC.


4. Business Calendar

Business Calendar comes with features that make it one of the standard calendar around. It also makes this list as one of the best Calendar for Android. The Calendar has that traditional look of a physical calendar, and there are different views such as days, weeks, months and you can see been view by agenda and tasks. You can color-code events to recognize them and further customise the app with themes easily. The app offers syncing with Google Calendar, and you can enable recurring events notification right from the app. You can get the app as either free or paid.


5. DigiCal

This calendar for Android has a lot in its package. On top of that is its user-friendly nature. It displays text in large fonts, and they are crisp by default. You get the daily weather forecast, and it’s easy to navigate the app. DigiCal can also be customized. The color scheme can be changed; fonts can be adjusted, and more. On opening the app, the default view is a combination of month and agenda view,  allowing to have a view of the events and tasks at hand. Other views ability the app includes are agenda, day, week, week agenda, and even a year view. Syncing works with Google Calendar so you can relate with other calendar apps.


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