Before now, if you want to book a flight, you have to do it through a flight agent, but not anymore. You can book flights from the comfort of your home or office using any of the flight apps that we are going to recommend. And what if you’re on a budget? We know flights can be expensive but with some good apps out there, you can get cheaper flights with a bunch of other useful features. The problem, however, is getting the right app and in this post, we’ve done justice to that. Here we provide the 5 best cheap flight app for Android

Best Cheap Flight Apps for Android

  1. Skyscanner

This is one app that is useful for finding flights on Android. The app shows daily search results in an intuitive way. It comes up as an interactive bar chart and this is useful for your flight needs. With this feature, you can know the date flights will be cheap within a given period of time. The app also gives you direction on where is the cheapest to fly via the Explore option which is a great tool. The interface is great and it has a web version. If you’re looking for cheap flights, you should try this app.


2. Hopper

Hopper is for those that want to save on their travels. All you need do to get these flights is that you input your home airport and destination, and the app combines historical data with the algorithm to give you a calendar that has dates that are color-coded to display prices. Days that are colored in green are the cheapest. Light orange, coral and red follow with the latter representing the ones that are the most expensive. Hopper which is useful for travel can also be used to book hotels. There’s a feature in it called Watch This Trip which notifies you if there is a price change. The app also allows you to remove basic fares that may appear in the results.


3. Kayak Flights, Hotels, and Cars

Kayak is equipped with the ability to show you the lowest prices that are available at a given time. It has the filtering function that allows you to filter by parameters such as airline, cost, quality, stops, departure times, airports and more. The app provides you with some options to choose from once you’ve found your list of flights. You can choose from the cheapest, shortest, recommended, and earliest flights. Kayak will also show you alerts of price changes and it will tell you if you’re either early or late. It has the map feature too to show your flight’s progress.


4. Hipmunk

This is another app for finding the cheapest flight for travel. Hipmunk is popular among flight enthusiasts as it makes things easy to find a cheap flight. It is also an all-in-one app to find deals on hotels and car rentals. The Hipmunk app is available for Android as well as iOS and it allows you to compare top travel sites so that you can get the best fares. It has the sort options called ‘agony’ to minimize the duration, layovers, and price. It is also possible to see flights via WiFi and get notified on flights to cities you wish to fly to. You can use your preferred dates, budget, and your style to discover new places.


5. was developed by a Czech startup and is popular among the flight apps market due to its powerful search engine. There are tons of features that are in the app that makes people want to use it. Normally other flight search engines will book an entire route on the same airlines or airlines having codeshares. The great thing about Kiwi is that it looks for the cheapest flight available and it can do these by placing you on a flight from different airlines. So if you’re on a budget, it is definitely a good app for you. The NOMAD mode gets the cheapest and more efficient route on a longer trip. Download and enjoy all of the cheap flights.


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