Best Dictionary Apps
Best Dictionary Apps

Learning a language can be a hard thing. You may have learned a rule only to find out there are exceptions. English language, for instance, is popular and has a strong command of it is essential whether you’re a student, engineer or speaker. When your communication skills are based on the proper use of English words and phrases, you can easily drive your points. Having said this, we have curated 5 best dictionary apps that can enhance your English.

Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone

1. iTranslate

iTranslate is one of the best among the rest. It is a great translation and dictionary app and if you’re really interested in improving your vocabulary, you should consider it. The app translates texts and you can perform the voice-to-voice translation in more than 90 languages. Get the synonym of any word and analyze its meaning in different contexts. It also gives you the choice to listen to the translation of words in male or female voices. It also features offline mode where you can find new words too.


2. Merriam-Webster

This app is another good dictionary app for iOS. In it are meanings, synonyms, and antonyms of words and it helps you in pronouncing the words. The app also features a voice search in case you want to quickly search for words without typing. Note that, this app comes heavy in size when compared to other dictionary apps. The reason is that files are downloaded for offline use as it is a full package of an offline dictionary. With this, you can always use it anytime, any day without an internet connection.


3. app by, LLC is another best app for improving your English. The dictionary will get the meanings of words for you and also thesaurus synonyms. Get the definitions of English words, learn spellings and also study grammar, all in the app.  There are over 2,000,000 English words, antonyms, and synonyms present in the dictionary app. This will enable you to pick up new words each day and prepare for any English exam that comes your way. Discover new vocabulary and learn their pronunciation. You can get the word of the day and check the etymology of words.


4. Dictionary

Dictionary was rated as the top dictionary in the App Store in the free reference category from in 99 countries from  2011 to 2016. If you want to be multilingual, then this dictionary is for you. The dictionary can translate from English to over 40 languages including French, Spanish, etc. You can get idioms from the idioms videos, learn the pronunciation of words and their etymology. Dictionary features word and idiom of the day so you have something fresh and new to learn every day. Explore the fun in the app by playing word games so you learn while having fun.


5. Oxford Dictionary of English

This app from MobiSystems is a great one and has an accurate and full package of English vocabulary. It has about 350,000 words all for free. This app gives you the latest words and expressions that exist in the English language. It has the words as updated by Oxford University Press. In it are words meaning and phrases too. There are over 75,000 audio pronunciations of both common and unpopular words with their pronunciations.


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