galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639 1
galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639 1

Dual selfie camera phones are unique in their own right. Although some people may not see why they should buy these phones, others have come to understand the importance of making use of a phone that has two cameras pointing forward. In the writeup that is below, we present the top five smartphones that come with this technology in 2019.

Vivo V17 Pro

Vivo V17 Neo

This phone entered the smartphone market in the month of September, on the 20th day to be precise. As soon as it landed it picked general public attraction. The phone was released with 88 percent specs score which I believe is high. The dual selfie camera is a composition of 32 MP and 8 MP. The front of the smartphone then displays that it has camera power more than many other budget smartphones. It sells for $425 and really proves good enough at that price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung is known for very good phones and we are not surprised that the smartphone has 99 percent spec score. Can I say successfully that this mobile device is near perfect? Of course, it is one of those new Android 10 phones that has 10 MP and 8 MP dual selfie camera that users are loving right now. It comes at quite a price when we checked and saw that it sells for more than $900. Wow! This phone was released in the month of March 2019.

Asus 6Z

This smartphone was released in the month of June 2019 and it gets the spec score of 94 percent for its performance. It is a phone that comes with a battery that most users love, but we are very much impressed also about the dual selfie camera of 48 MP and 13 MP. This signifies that there’s much that can be accomplished in smartphone technology. This phone sells for $560.

Samsung Galaxy A80

The smartphone was launched in the month of April 2019. By now, it has the spec score of 88 percent which isn’t bad at all. We love the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G and the Super AMOLED screen but more important to us is the dual selfie camera of 48 MP and 8 MP. Though the battery appears a little weak. It sells for $640.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This phone is launched in the month of September 2019. It comes with dynamic AMOLED display which is unique because it is a folded smartphone. This smartphone also has a high spec rating of 94 percent. Because it is a foldable smartphone, it attracts a lot of attention and also being a Samsung product, it sells for over $1000. Also, this is one of the largest smartphones out there because it is a foldable. It stands at over 7 inches high.

Other Dual Selfie Camera Manufacturers

Other smartphone manufacturers that also released dual selfie camera in the past are Huawei, BQ Mobile, Oppo, ZTE, Sugar, Geecoo, Elephone, itel, Xiaomi, and a few others. But why are they not on this list? Because those phones were not released this year.


As much as you can see, Samsung steals the year when it comes to offering two cameras in the front. I really can’t say whether other manufacturers are tired of this fad but it is altogether good that Samsung holds it in esteem even in 2019. As the year goes to an end, we probably will see more dual selfie camera phones released.

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