Going by the age we are in now – digital age – reading books has transited from being physical to digital where books can be read on smart devices. The Android Operating system can host the many apps that are available in the app market so that you can read books on your Android smartphone or tablet. These ebook readers apps can read ebook format ranging from pdfs to ePub, and so on. With the right eReader, you can have a seamless experience that beats that of reading physical books. This is why we’ve outlined the five best eBook apps for Android here…

Best Ebook Reader Apps for Android

1. Amazon Kindle

Kindle has a large variety of books, magazines, and newspapers for your reading pleasure. This is the reason for its popularity amongst other eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets. It is not compulsory to have a Kindle device to read books on the platform, and it has versions for Android and iOS devices. With Kindle, you can have your last read page, bookmarks, highlights, and notes synced across all devices. There’s also a built-in dictionary to know the meaning of words you find in a book that are difficult to understand. Google search and Wikipedia are also integrated with the Kindle app to foster a better reading experience.


2. Google Play Books

This app is an ebook reader that works cross-platform – Android, iOS, and Chrome Extension. The app allows you to purchase ebooks, read them, and you can even listen to Audio Books. It has the sync function that gives you access to your downloaded books across your devices. The experience you get coupled with pleasure makes Google PlayBook a go-to app for reading. Because of synchronization, you can pause reading on one device and continue on another device. The reader even features a 3D page, and it comes with all the essential features an eBook reader should have. There are three color options: black text on white background, white text on a black background and brown text on the sepia background.


3. Aldiko

Popular and one of the oldest, Aldiko is also a great eBook Reader available for the Android platform. It is well known among many readers. It has a user base of over 30 million which is quite enormous and these numbers spread across 200 countries. The app does not automatically save books, has home widgets and import and export feature, which makes it have an overall pleasant experience while reading. If you find it difficult to stare at your smartphone in the night, Aldiko has solved this problem by offering Night reading feature to prevent eyestrain. The content table makes moving from section to section by simply tapping it.


4. Moon+ Reader

An Android Ebook reader, Moon+ Reader developed by Moon+ provides an intuitive and well-designed interface to enhance your reading experience.  The reader not only comes with these; there are many tools and functions that it relies on. The heavy customizations it provides makes it a good app to download. You can import multiple formats of eBooks with its advanced capabilities. Keep a record and monitor your reading with the statistics feature which dictates  how much you have read, and also gives you warning that you’ve read a lot of pages at a stretch. The app not only allows you to read books saved on your device, but you also get access to thousands of eBooks for free as it connects to online eBook libraries.


5. Kobo

Kobo Ereader has a feature that has social reading embedded. It is called Reading life. With this feature, you can take your reading life to social media by sharing quotes, notes, and discussing books. Whether it is fiction or Religion, or others, Kobo has a book ready for you. You can read and cover any catalog of titles that spans almost every genre. Almost anything that interests you can be found on Kobo. For a superb reading experience, Kobo has customizations that tailor the app to meet your needs. You can import books from the internet and other sources, like email and even the cloud quickly.


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