Most of the time, we’re on our smartphone either searching for information or connecting to people. We’re in a world where the smartphone has become part of us. We have on our phones, photos, videos, or files we don’t want others to see and this is where Vault apps come in. Vault apps at the basic level hide files from prying eyes so that they are not viewed. Some of these apps come with extra security functionalities. Let’s dive in to unravel these apps…

Best File Vault for Android

1. Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

This file vault allows you to hide photos and videos. The app cannot only do this, but it can also even hide itself (that is the app) using the stealth mode. The app has different viewing modes for your viewing pleasure. In the app, you can do different things by the enablement of features like creating folders, rotating and zooming pictures, and even slideshows. You don’t need to stress yourself overusing the app especially the first time as the app page on Google Play Store provides enough instructions.


2. Calc Vault

The way most vaults work is the way Calc Vault too works, though it attaches fun even with its simplicity. All you need do to use the app is to add video and images so that it can be hidden from your photo gallery. It also has a browser that will help you download photos and videos straightaway from the internet into the vault. You can add extra layers of security by setting up fake vaults with fake passwords, fake force close dialog boxes, and intruder selfies. And nobody can know its location in your app drawer because it hides itself as a calculator app there.


3. AppLock

A popular one, AppLock is one of the best Vault apps that you can download on your Android device. This app by DoLab is loaded with many features which are security inclined. For instance, it is possible to hide any app from the app drawer, lock your gallery, lock file explorer, and so on. It also has a vault for photos and videos where you can hide them from prying eyes. Files added to the Vault will no longer be seen in your Gallery.


4. KeepSafe

This app is a security app that has some fun in it too. You can keep your photos and videos from the public via KeepSafe. To access them, you have to input a simple PIN-code. A slideshow feature is available to keep the fun on. KeepSafe understands people who easily forget password and that’s why a feature for resetting password is in the app. To reset the password, you just need to press the Keepsafe logo for a while to bring up the reset window.


5. Clock – The Vault

Clock – The Vault is another app useful for hiding photos and videos from your gallery. The app boasts of features like break-in alerts, fingerprint scanner support, themes, and more. The app can be hidden and you can also replace the icon. The password recovery tool is good so also the uninstall protection so you don’t delete all your files in there by accident. You get the free version with ads but there’s a paid version too.


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