Free calling apps iphone
Free calling apps iphone

We have come to a time when calling doesn’t have to be hefty in cost. With free calling apps that make use of the internet to connect you to any part of the world, you don’t have to pay much. All you just need is stable internet and you’re good to go. With these apps, you can make either audio or video calls and some allow you to send messages. Kiss those voice plans goodbye by installing any of these free calling apps on your iOS device.

Best Free Calling Apps for iOS

1. Skype

Skype is a veteran in the world of audio and video calling. It has a good looking interface and can work on the various operating system and they include Windows, Android, and iOS. It does not only allow you to do video calls but you can also receive and send messages. It allows one to attach files to be sent to a receiver.

All you need to make Skype functional is a good and stable internet connection and you can make calls to any part of the word. It is free to use and after being acquired by Microsoft in the year 2011, the app has had updates that enable you to log in and sync with different email addresses easily.


2. WhatsApp

Although calls on WhatsApp cannot be made to people that don’t have the app on their phone, it is obvious that many people use the app so there’s a chance that the person whom you want to call is on WhatsApp. Many businesses both big and small now have WhatsApp accounts so you can place an order or get services via the app.

WhatsApp can also allow you to partake in a video call and group calls. One selling point of WhatsApp is its huge userbase and it is probably the most preferred calling app among smartphone users. One con of the app is that you cannot place calls via its web app.


3. imo

imo is now getting popular on mobile devices. The app shares similar features with WhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, you can place video calls over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and Wi-Fi. The app has to be installed on the caller and receiver’s phone for the call to go through.

There’s encryption that the app functions on to provide decent security on your chats. There’s no limit to the number of calls you can make. The app also provides a way to have fun while chatting. There’s a library containing lots of stickers. Those with desktops can have a feel of imo by installing its extension on Chrome.


4. Viber

Viber possesses features that allow you to send messages, files, current locations, and emoticons. The video call feature is also prominent in the app. Talking about audio calls, it is possible to make group calls to up to 40 different receivers.

To make video calls, you just need to click on the video camera icon and choose the contact you want the call placed to and you’re on a video call. To set up an account in Viber requires you to supply your phone number. This is to affirm that Viber works mainly on mobile. Viber works on multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, or Windows-enabled devices.


5. Apple Facetime

Apple FaceTime works on iOS devices and is one of the apps that come with iDevices by default so there’s no need to download. You just need to get updates when new versions are released.

The app lets you do things like live video calls, record videos call and also send messages to people that have the iOS as their operating systems like Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices. One interesting feature about the app is the ability for you to start a video call on one iDevice and continue the chat on some other iDevice and there won’t be interruptions.


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