The freelance marketplace is getting bigger and more better day by day. With the scarcity of offline jobs, anyone who possesses a skill that is marketable can be paid when they render services. Freelance sites allow you as a worker to work conveniently from home and without much stress. All that is needed is an internet connection, a computer, and the required skill. With all this put together and a good portfolio, you can apply for gigs and get rewarded. Entrepreneurs too can harness the power of freelance platform by looking for competent freelancers who can handle their jobs.

Best Freelance Websites

1. Fiverr

Whether you are an employer or a freelancer, opportunities abound for you on Fiverr. On the platform, Employers can locate freelancer that match their needs and freelancers too can make use of any opportunities presented by employers or entrepreneurs. In short, Fiverr was created to see to the needs of entrepreneurs

Many job options exist on this platform, which includes graphic designing, programming, writing, digital marketing, and as a freelancer, you can work in any area you are skilled. You can be a member on Fiverr with a free membership or sign up with $5 for their single Enterprise pricing plan to access premium tools.

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2. Freelancer

With over 21 million freelancers, Freelancer is genuinely a popular freelancing platform. You can find a job there as employers can post a freelancer and jobs in any of the three formats options. What makes freelancer stand out is the contest format, which gives an idea of the capabilities of a freelancer to an employer before they deem it fit to provide them with the job. Gig workers from all over the world assemble on the platform to carry out their businesses.

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3. Upwork

As a freelancer, you can belong to Upwork, which has a client base of over 1.5 million. Jobs are available in varieties of skills which can be both short term and long term. You can do works and get paid on an hourly or per-project basis. Whether you are entry-level or expert freelancers, there’s a job for you. It is possible to find jobs on this platform as a freelancer because of the numerous jobs that are posted every time.

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4. PeoplePerHour

The purpose of PeoplePerHour is to convene people who want services or want to provide services relating to social media, web development, business development, writing, and so on. The nature of jobs on this platform can be online or onsite. Jobs can either be paid hourly or can be fixed. The company behind this freelance platform has its headquarters in the UK and employs the freelance system that is known of other similar sites.

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5. Flexjobs

If you belong to any career fields present in Flexjobs, you can apply as a freelancer. All jobs that involve telecommuting undergo screening to ensure that freelancers are working for a legitimate company. Members have the privilege to access special discount through the platform partners. Other interesting features the site boasts of are participation in skill test, and tips on the job search. More resources like webinars can be found on the site for freelancers to learn the ropes of getting better clients.

Sign up for Flexjobs here.

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