5 Best Games Like Civilization for PC


Civilizations series brought us entertaining and even educational games. Educational in the sense that it teaches management of resources and territories. You get to manage your own country or kingdom, organise team and conquer in battles. This in all helps one to develop adaptability to situations and problems in life. If you are a fan of Civilizations series, it isn’t a bad thing to try out its alternatives.

Best Games Like Civilization for PC

  1. Total War: Shogun 2

If you are conversant with the early Japanese times, you will love this game from Total War. A long-running onset of games, Total War series are educational in nature to most kids, teens and adults too. This reason is not far-fetched. It features historical war details and how the lifestyle and political systems of the past existed. The game has you controlling a clan and making sure they dominate as the primary force of Japan now that there’s no emperor. It’s storyline is great among all the other Total War games out there so it is a must try.

  1. Heroes of Might and Magic

This is popular and you might heard of it. It is one of the  most classic PC games in the market, with the character having a storyline that wants to avenge her father’s death. She has a mission to  claim back Erathia and the strategy game is very excellent for its system, conquests, character development, and army building. 6 sequels are available now and it is a highly recommended game . You can play the game on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even classics like DOS and the GBA color.

  1. Frozen Synapse

Having a post-apocalyptic setting, this alternative game to civilization is beyond you and a boring old PC – it allows you to play multiplayer with others like your friends with its capabilities that allows it to network. In their deathmatch and other multi-player modes, you are required to protect your area and even rescue hostages. You can use Warcraft or DOTA to get the picture but on a more CIV-like game mechanism.

  1. Space Empires V

If you wish to have a feel of the both worlds with exist within the stars and the Galaxy, then you should play this game. It shares similarities with CIV owning to a great storyline and strategies employed in the game. The game has been through many inprovements with its 3D graphics after the first four versions of the game. The game has you trading with different civilizations and the world across the Galaxy.

  1. Alpha Centauri

Also developed by Sid Meier, the developers of the Civilizations series, Alpha Centauri is more of futuristic game in accordance to Civilization series originally released. It is known to be a kind of sequel or successor to CIV II and has its locations on an alien planet instead of  Earth. The games makes it possible for you to strategize with more modern equipment and concepts aside the traditional earthly wars. A new language is used in the game and a new universe which makes it unique as an excellent CIV-like game.

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    Thanks, very good, I’m playing Total War: Shogun 2

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