Music is one art that relieves people of stress and create joy in them. Guitar playing is a form of music that gets you strumming the strings and impressing your audience. The guitar is a popular instrument and getting to be a pro in it is a good way to be fulfilled.

Whether you’re an amateur, beginner, intermediate or pro guitar player, there’s always need for you to become more advanced in your skill and that can only be by learning new things. Technology has made this easier and simpler with guitar apps that will help you attain the feat you want to reach in your guitar playing journey. Have a look at 5 best apps to learn guitar.

Best Guitar Learning Apps for Android

  1. Yousician – Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele

Yousician is s music app with over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether music teacher, beginner, pro musician, singer, guitarist and pianist, Yousician will help you in your music journey. A digital companion, Yousician will serve as your personal music teacher. With the app, you can learn at your personal pace. The app waits for you to play and provides instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. The curriculum the app uses was designed by expert music tutors which will assist musicians of all levels to become improved. There are step-by-step video tutorials in this app to guide you through each lesson. It is a fun and interesting app generally.

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  1. Learn Guitar Chords

This app has its focus on teaching you the chords of a traditional guitar. As a beginner, learning the chords is the foundation of your guitar playing, hence we recommend this app to aspiring guitarists. The free version of the app has 23 chords that you can learn and the “Advanced” version of the app offers you a few additional chords which you can download. The developers will inspire you to take your time as there is no rush to finish your lessons. There’s also acoustic and electric guitar variations for each of the lessons. The app is popular with nearly 10 million downloads on the Play Store.


  1. Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course is one website where you can learn guitar the best way. If you’ve ever googled guitar lessons, you can attest to this fast.  Justin Sandercoe is a wonderful teacher that teaches guitar so well. If you’re a beginner at guitar playing, you should lay your hands on this app. The app with its innovative exercises, great instructional videos, and a wide variety of songs will provide you with a clear learning experience which is important for guitar learning. Comparing the web course and the Android app shows that the best way to learn on Justin platform is by using the Android app because of interactivity. The app contains around 25 instructional videos which you can learn from.

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  1. Real Guitar

If you don’t have any experience with the guitar and you want to start to learn to play, then Real Guitar is suited for you. To keep things simple, Real Guitar is a guitar simulator. It has the ability to simulate both acoustic and electric guitars and it is compatible with tablets and Smartphones. It supports multi-touch too which is essential for playing triads and chords, but make sure your device supports this feature of multi-touch capability so it can work. What makes this app great again is that it comes loaded with 16 track loops that you can play along to, and also a recording mode.


  1. Coach Guitar

This app makes use of Guitar Hero like approach by offering colors on the strings to help beginners and other levels to learn guitar. It helps guitar learners learn the guitar in an appealing way instead of them getting confused with new and unknown terms. The app has a way of guiding you through mastering various genres of guitar including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Metal, and Country.  New lessons are usually added every week so you can get updates on the latest in the world of music with a bit of fun.


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