Best iMessage games scaled
Best iMessage games scaled

With the release of iOS 10 for iPhone came the evolution of iMessage Games. Previously what you could do in iMessage was to have conversations, but with the games introduced now, you can take your friends and family on a battle. Chats don’t have to be boring again, but you can catch fun and enjoy gaming with friends via a messaging platform – an innovative feature. The games are turn-based, and while some are iMessage exclusive, others can be played outside the app.

Best iMessage Games

  1. Game Pigeon

For catching fun on iMessage with your friends, you can have Game Pigeon on your iMessage app. In this title are a variety of different classic games. You can engage your friend to play 8 Ball pool or have fun taking shots in Paintball. To play any of the Game Pigeon games, you’ll need to select Game Pigeon from the iMessage app list. Pick the game you prefer to play and enjoy. Among the games present in Game Pigeon are Basketball, Sea Battle Chess, Dots and Boxes and more. You can customize things to your preferences in the Settings tab. From the Settings, you can change your avatar and customize it to have hats and glasses. Not everything is free here. For you to get some locked cosmetic upgrades unlocked, you’ll have to pay.


2. CheckMate!

If you don’t have a physical chessboard nearby to play the chess game and you really want to be immersed in some chess fun, CheckMate for iMessage has got all you need. Strengthen your strategy skills with CheckMate that can be played between two players. If you like, the app can allow you to handle as many matches as you can handle. You can change the theme of the chessboard to suit whatever you want. The game helps you do things conveniently so you don’t have to open up the app every time and you can be out while determining and strategizing your next move. The message bubble will show the latest move.


3. Fast Thumbs

Do you want to show your friends how fast you can type with the iPhone? Take the speedy fingers battles to your friends with Fast Thumbs. The game checks how quick and accurate you can type and it compares it with your friend to determine the winner. You are to type 10 random phrases from many categories in each case, and your typing skill is put to the test. The score is determined by your speed, how consistent you are, the number of mistakes you made, and your overall accuracy. The game adds toughness to the play by introducing emojis and punctuation. Show your friend that you can beat him or her in the typing test, so go ahead, download and play.


4. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is what you know of. That game you played as a younger person. The game works like this: players put X’s or Os in spaces of a 3×3 grid. They do this turn by turn. If your X or O aligns horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you win the game. Tic Tac Toe is not the only game that’s available in the app for you to play. There are other varieties of games, most of which are funny combinations. You get packs like a Justin & Justin pack (Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake), Trump and Clinton pack, Dogs and Cats pack, and a lot more. You’ll have to unlock them individually by making in-app purchases.


5. Letter Fridge

There are many complicated word games out there, but Letter Fridge is designed to be a simple, fun game that can be played by children and even adults. Different magnets are placed on an old-school refrigerator and this is where you play the game. Within a short time, you are tasked with making as many words as you can with the letters available. It is a kind of challenge which your friend can participate in too. The game isn’t limited to the scope of iMessage as you can catch more fun outside iMessage. To advance to a higher level of the game, you’ll need to solve a crossword puzzle with the available letters.


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