5 Best Instant Messaging Apps For iOS & Android

Humans are social beings, and as such we need to relate with people from time to time. The internet has made it easier as it has always done by the advent of  messaging tools that makes communication and interaction easier and faster. Now we can reach people without crossing borders in seconds all due to social Messaging apps.

Messaging tools also help businesses to reach out to their customers and clients thereby increasing sales and patronage. Social messaging tools help family and friends connect and this creates a bond between them. In this post, we present to you 5 social messaging apps that can help you connect with the ones you love.

5 Best Messaging Apps

  1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app developed for smartphone users and tablets which allows you to send messages across the internet. WhatsApp is very easy to understand and use without overwhelming features. It also allows you to make phone and video calls. Other features include group messaging and end-to-end encryption.

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  1. Viber

Viber features encryption which makes it safe and secure to use. The private chat app contains a lot of features and offers high-quality calling experience which is secure with the end-to-end encryption system. So far you use the sharing method prescribed by Viber, your data will be secure and encrypted.

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  1. Telegram

Telegram offers features like chat backups and disappearing messages with an extra time attached. With Telegram, you can make group chat, call through the video option and lots more. The app is  very responsive and intuitive in nature. Chats are encrypted but you need to ensure that the secret mode is activated so that no one else can access your communications.

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  1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal messenger is a great app when it comes to secure messaging.  It features an advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all messages. Signal is an open source app which is free to use and easy too. With the app, you can make high-quality encrypted voice calls, group chat, media transfer, archive functionality. You can also use the app on your computer with a plug-in supported on chrome.

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  1. Facebook Messenger

You can chat with family and friends with this Facebook’s own messaging app, Messenger. With it, you can automatically get contacts as it will populate it for you but you can also add a contact or allow another person to add you as a contact. You can use plenty of free stickers and GIFs to spice up your chats. You can start a secret chat to ensure security.

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