5 Best iPhone/iPad File Manager you need to download

You can get the best of your iPhone by being organized with the help of a file manager. A file manager allows you to edit, copy and paste, rename, files and folders in an organized way. iOS strictly prevents direct access to your internal file system wading off unauthorized persons but that does not mean you cannot organize your phone’s content. With third-party apps, you can manage your files. Below, we’ve served you 5 Best File Manager for iPhone.

5 Best File Manager for iOS

  1. Documents 6 by Readdle

Document 6 is a free file manager loaded with every feature you can think of. With Documents 6, you can easily import (from a computer, cloud storage, Wi-Fi transfer, web pages, and other apps) and manage files (drag and drop, sharing, archive features, tags, and similar). Document 6 supports all file format with text, audio,  and video included. Other features include being able to watch videos, listen to music, showcase PDF files, read books and many more all in the app.


  1. File Manager

You can smartly organize your files and documents with File Manager. Another name I can call this is a virtual  USB drive due to its quality efficiency in transferring files from Mac or PC to your iPhone. Have comfortable feel in reading any file and listening to music with its integrated PDF reader and music player. It is also supported by Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Excel. To ensure better security, you can also use a passcode to protect your files.

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  1. FileApp

FileApp is an efficient file manager having many additional features. It allows you to share files directly from the app to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter which is beneficial in nature. You can attach files directly to e-mails and play videos and audios in the same app. An integrated image editor also exist in the app giving you the chance to edit and filter your photos the way you want.


  1. File Hub

One advantage File Hub has is that it has an extensive cloud integration feature alongside its intuitive UI. Supported on the app are different file formats including documents, text, videos, photos, music. It can allow iTunes/WiFi transfer, Share menu, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, SMB, and more. To organize files, you can use File Hub to do common file operations like move, copy, rename, delete, etc., along with sorting, searching, and compressing features.


  1. File n Folders

File n Folders offers an easy way to transfer documents between computers and iPhones/iPad. This app works like a virtual USB and helps you to get the document between your computer and phone in an organized way. It both works with MAC computers and PCs. File formats supported on this app are popular format supported by iOS which include HTML, ZIP files, PDF, Text, and even Microsoft Office documents.

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