Korean for iPhone
Korean for iPhone

The Korean language is one of the most popular Asian languages and it became more popular with K-Pop. People have a relation with Korean because of the movies, cars, and smartphones made by companies there. Learning Korean might not be like other languages because it uses a special letter system. You don’t need the hire a Korean teacher as you can learn it with apps on your smartphone. Let’s get to know them…

Best Korean Learning Apps for iOS

1. Duolingo

Duolingo has fun in the mix to teach you Korean. It is one of the most popular apps out there for learning new languages. Its lessons are made into bit-sizes so that you have the memory of what you learned the previous day. Challenges are also thrown into the lessons so you may be glued to the screen all day long in learning Korean.

There are different kinds of materials in the app to make grasping easier such as text, images, and audio. Lessons range from various topics such as phrases, animals, medical, nature, numbers, etc. You can improve your pronunciation of the language and Duolingo has the microphone feature integrated so that the app can hear what you say.


2. Learn Korean

If you want to learn Korean in a short time, then Learn Korean is the go-to app. The app contains 100 most frequently used words and phrases that are in the Korean language. The app gets you educated about Korean culture and their phrases.

With the voice recordings of a native speaker in the app alongside a voice recorder, you can be a Korean pronunciation master. The app boasts of having the essential Korean vocabulary. Other educational features it possesses are translation, pronunciation, image, spelling, and class. There is an audio lesson, a listening practice that enables you to hear a native speaker.


3. Learn Korean by Bravo Language

This Korean learning app by Bravo Language offers practical way of learning the language. Words and phrases are put into categories like Romance and Shopping. Each words has the Hangul/Romanized spellings and audio clip attached to it.

It possesses a feature to allow you to record your own audio after listening to the audio from the app so that you can verify your pronunciation. You can either use the app in its free or paid version. You can also view the paid sections by watching a five-second advert.


4. FluentU

If you want to be proficient in Korean then you should get this app. In the app are audio and videos that are made in Korean language. The contents there are tailored to match your interests and fluency level.

There are popular movie trailers and news that make the lessons more realistic. The videos there contain interactive subtitles so you can read them for easy comprehension of new words and grammar. You can download the transcripts and flashcards that come with each of the lessons. An interesting feature is the ability of you to create playlists and vocabulary lists.


5. AccellaStudy Essential Apps in Korean

This app is an award-winning language app that has different language version including Korean. There are versions for Spanish, Italian, French, etc, and you’d have to download them to learn them. On the AccellaStudy Essential Apps platform, there are over 6,000,000 students.

Learning Koren on this app is interesting and you can sync your studies and progress across your devices. It has online and offline lessons and you can hear a native Korean speaker say vocabularies that are complex and phrases. The app features flashcards, audio, and quizzes that make it exciting.


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