5 Best Mobile Browsers For Android


The internet has presented us with many benefits and opportunities. We can get information in an easy and quick fashion. There were days when we could only use the internet on our desktop computers but wih mobile phones, we can carry the internet anywhere we go. This has caused many mobile web browsers to be built and developed. Each has their pros and cons and we have curated 5 of them here.

Best Mobile Browsers For Android

  1. Brave Browser

This is one browser that came out newly in 2016. It has many features built into it such as as blocker. In addition, it can block third party cookies, block scripts, and it has HTTPS everywhere. Added to this features is per-site setting just in case you are in need of that. There are optimisations for speed and battery life Improvements. You can have  track of all what the browser blocks.  It is a very functional browser and it is fun to use. The basic feature you find in other browsers are there like bookmarks, history, and a privacy (incognito) mode.


  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is built to have lots of features which includes ability to search from the address bar, browse the web in private Incognito mode, and automatically fill web forms with your data. The default homepage of Chrome is also useful as it serves you with news articles you may like as well as providing you links to your favourite sites. The Browser also allows you to save any webpage for offline viewing, if you want to visit it later. Google chrome features Google’s Safe Browsing which gives you warning when you click dangerous links. Google Translate in the browser helps you to get the webpage in your preferred language.

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  1. Firefox Browser

The mobile version of Firefox is similar to its desktop version and is one of the best web browser for Android that gives you an excellent browsing experience. Aside the essentials features it has, it features HTML5 support, firefox sync, add-ons support, and allows multiple panels. The browser allows you to send video and web content from your phone to any TV which supports streaming. It is a secure Android browser and you can download it for free on the Google Play Store.


  1. Opera Browser

A popular browser with people, Opera has seen improvements in recent years. It has some unique features although with few cons. Supported on the mobile browser are flash, faster downloading, private browsing, tabbed browsing and it features customisation options. Many ma not like the sponsored notification, but you can turn it off in the settings. There's is a bonus of the newsfeed which rolls our tending news in worldwide scale. It also has a data saver where you can fire up Ad blocker, video compression and image quality accordingly.


  1. Dolphin

Launched more than four years ago, Dolphin has managed to stay relevant with certain features like Dolphin Sonar, which gives you opportunity to search for things with voice (“search Amazon for Nike Shoes” and “go to Facebook.com”), and also share stuffs to social media websites. Sure these things can be done with artificial intelligence assistants today, but it is very great for it to be in a browser. You can bookmark web pages with finger gestures. Webzine allows you to have more than 300, web sources aggregates on your Palm.

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