Getting a positive cash flow is essential for the growth of a business. And this can’t be possible  except you are paid by those who owe you. Sending Invoices are a way to give incentive to your customers that you are to be paid. If you still use speadsheet or word processors , you may find that it is very time consuming. There are many invoice generators online that can save you the stress and hassles of creating an invoice. While Zoho Invoice seems to be one of them, there are tons of other options. Zoho is a great way to create invoice , no doubt, but if you want something different, try the 5 alternatives listed here.

Best Online Invoice Alternatives to Zoho Invoice

  1. Square Invoice

Square Invoice is a free invoice generator that let’s you create professional-looking invoices that you can do some customisation by adding your company logo and your choice design. The online tool will give you the opportunity of emailing your Invoices to your clients and customers and the system has a way of keeping track so that when a customer views an invoice, you’re alerted. It won’t be a thing of ‘I didn’t receive the invoice’ anymore. If situations warrants that you resend an invoice to a client, it will just take you few clicks to do that.

  1. Online Invoice Generator 

Small and medium-sized businesses will find this Online Invoice Generator useful, as it allows them create and manage invoices. Templates present in this tools are not only based on industry standards, but on country standard and has support for various languages. As a business person, you have options of choosing from a variety of free templates to create an invoice that matches your preferences. Exanples of invoice templates available are Sole Trader Invoice Template, UK Invoice Template no VAT, Sales Invoice Template, Photography Invoice Template, Construction Invoice Template and many more. The templates have intuitive features and also advanced ones with their ability to calculate discount, change currency and tax.

  1. Free Invoice Maker 

This is an invoice generator tool, advanced in nature with its ability to allow you make customisations of template, thanks to its intuitive interface. A professional receipt can also be created with this online tool. One great thing that makes this tool very useful is that it allows you to add your company logo aside from the details of your business. It also has a functionality that calculates bills automatically. You can perform other things like previewing the invoice, downloading it in PDF, emailing it, or can even getting its link online.

  1. Invoiced 

With Invoiced, freelancers can generate invoices on the go. The service allows you to add your own logo, specify who the invoice is made for, who it is coming from, list an unlimited number of items in your invoices. Furthermore, you can leave Notes and custom Terms that you wish to have outlined in your invoice. You have access to custom options too like the ability to change currency, and add discounts. Upon creation of the invoice, you can either email it, or download it to your computer.

  1. Sighted 

Sighted makes the list of best alternatives to Zoho Invoice as it is  a full customisable invoicing and quotes service. The invoice platform gives freelancers and business owners the ability to track payments, and get paid in a quick manner through various channels in multiple currencies. With the invoice service, you can organise your expenses using categories and monitor your profits and expenses . Management of clients services, and products can also be done through a database: export, import. You can get your data printed when you are in need of it, and get information on the move.

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