5 Best PC Speakers For Gaming & Multimedia (This Year)

The audio playback industry consists of several accessories, not least the best PC speakers. Although headphones and earphones are often preferred, even for the sake of soundproofing, there are many types of amplification systems that can be chosen both for your notebook and for your desktop computer. We now want to focus on the best PC speakers.

PC speakers

PC speakers

As with any other electronic component, the evaluation of the best PC speakers should be analyzed considering the use that will be made of these accessories. If you look for a professional audio quality, you will be oriented towards a certain range of products, while if you need a more versatile product, there are models relevant to this purpose. It is essential to analyze some main technical characteristics, both on sound quality and on the balancing and the type of technologies present for audio reproduction.

The best models

Audioengine A2 +

Best PC speakers: Audioengine A2 +

Among the most interesting PC speakers, we recommend the Audioengine A2 +which are also characterized by a compact and compact design. They are very durable loudspeakers and equipped with high-performance amplifiers, with a wooden case and a polished finish made by hand. It includes the analog-digital converter (DAC) and a versatile connection system thanks to the USB digital audio output and the one for the subwoofer (not present). This model does not have a digital bass tone control (Bass-Boost), but it also offers intelligent and optimal acoustics, especially considering the dimensions.

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse

Best PC speakers: Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse

An excellent combination of aesthetic elegance and technical level: here are the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse loudspeakers. Not only beautiful (even for the touch controls and the presence of the remote control), but also functional with a balanced and absolute level reproduction. It connects to devices via Bluetooth technology, there is a jack to connect the headphones and there is also a USB input.

Logitech Z623

Best PC speakers: Logitech Z623

The Logitech Z623 speakers are to be chosen both for the quality and reliability of the brand and for the power of the subwoofer (also thanks to the Audio THX technology). The bass power is also accompanied by an exceptionally high and medium reproduction, able to guarantee a total level audio experience, ideal for both video games and film reproduction. You can connect up to three devices and manage controls and adjustments using the commands on the right speaker.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Best PC speakers: Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

With the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III speakers, you have speakers of absolute value also from the design point of view. It is a mid-range model that guarantees excellent reproduction in the highs and a powerful bass reproduction thanks to the presence of the subwoofer. The elegance of these speakers is also given by the ability to connect virtually to any type of multimedia device and to manage the operation of the same through touch controls.

Logitech G560

Best PC speakers: Logitech G560

We conclude our overview of the best PC speakers talking about another Logitech model, this time the G560. This is a decidedly superior solution for what concerns the synthesis between gaming and PC speakers. They are designed with an RGB lighting system managed by proprietary software to adapt to the reproduction of any type of content. The power of these speakers reaches a peak of 240W and thanks to the DTS: X Ultra surround sound it is possible to render 3D positional audio for an immersive gaming experience. The other two satellite speakers are dedicated to the reproduction of bright highs and of very wide medium sounds for an always excellent and high-quality reproduction.


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