play piano
play piano

The piano is a popular instrument and playing it could make you move the soul of others with music. You can be interested in learning the instrument but don’t know where or how to start. Also you may not have all the cash to go to a music school. So what do you do? Well, piano apps to the rescue. With the apps we’ve reviewed here, you can go all the way from being a novice to a better pianist. Just take your time to check out our top piano app picks below.

  1. SimplyPiano by JoyTunes

As a beginner learning the piano, one of the things you sure will need is a skilled piano teacher. If you can’t get one or don’t have the money to hire, then SimplyPiano will just act like one. SimplyPiano can do work of that teacher you’ve always wanted. The app helps you lay the foundation by teaching you note reading, rhythm and scales. It teaches you by showing you some notes and explains the way to play it by listening to your piano. You don’t get to learn one aspect of a piano with this app but it gives you the whole package. Even if you’re already playing the piano, you’ll learn a lot.


  1. Virtual Piano Trainer

Virtual Piano Trainer is most people favorite piano. One great thing about this app is that is that it does not require any permission to use and you won’t be disturbed by any ads. It does its work to teach you how to play a piano. Once launched, you can do adjustment of things like key labels and signatures and number of octaves to be displayed. It has three levels of difficulty which you can choose from and you’ll learn to read music as you play. It is free to download and free from any distractions that exist in other apps.


  1. Metronome

Pulse or Beat is one of the most important things a pianist and even all musicians must possess. Foot tapping can help, a metronome can do it well too. Buying a real metronome can cost you some money especially if you want to get the latest and greatest but you can keep cost aside by downloading Metronome by Soundbrenner. It is a flexible app and totally free. It doesn’t get bloated by ads.


  1. MuseScore

While various apps exist to teach you how to play a piano, it is essential to have an app that will guide you in learning piano notes. That is why MuseScore is in this list. It is an app that has a focus on music sheets. It does not only allow you to view music notes in sheet but it can play them for you to listen before practicing it on your own.  You can do things like changing the tempo in real time and the app can play particular parts. MuseScore is free to use and free of ads.


  1. Yousician

Yousician makes the list as a powerful app that not only teaches you how to play piano but other musical instruments like guitar, bass, and Ukulele. Regarding piano, Yousician starts by teaching you the basics like hand position, posture, and finger movements. You will continue by learning the musical alphabets and move up to the pro level. As you play the notes on your real piano, the app will recognize it automatically and move you forward as you continue to play. The app also provides you with real-time feedback as you play.


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