In the old days, when you want to learn something new, you enroll at a university or school. But these days with technology, you can learn anything from the comfort of your bedroom with just a mobile device and internet connection. Even some of the traditional institutions are now offering their courses online. Right now, it is not only institutions that can offer courses but individual experts too. There is the need for a platform for these courses to be hosted and accessed and that brings us to the topic of the best platforms for online education. Get 5 of the best in this post.

Best Platforms for Online Education

  1. Udacity

Udacity is an e-learning platform that offers cheaper courses than the cost of traditional education. There are courses and credentials that can make you get ahead of the competition when you are in the job market. If you wish to have a technology career, then you should choose Udacity. There are courses on data science, iOS, Android, web development and software engineering. It provides the most up-to-date education.

  1. Coursera 

If you want courses from over 140 universities and organisations, then you should look at Coursera. There are patnerships between Coursera and University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and others to give student universal access to the world’s best education. Free and paid Courses which are over 2000 in over 180 fields related to computer science, business, social sciences and more and available on the platform. There is also support for the mobile device so you can install the app on your phone or tablet.

  1. Udemy 

There is similarity between Udemy’s free courses and Coursera’s but additionally, users can build custom courses from lessons. The company works with many top professors and schools so that it can mix customizable platform of other sites with focus on top quality content. This is an online education site that has a blend of free and paid content. It also apps for mobile devices.

  1. edX 

If you want high education from some of the world’s top educational institutions, then edX can get that for you. These institutions include MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard. The platforms offer courses in engineering, psychology, computer science, and so much more. It is also possible to enroll for the courses for your high school education or in earning a credit in your University. One great advantage of edX is that you get an official certificate to prove that you were a part of the education.

  1. Lynda

Lynda is popular as an educational platform for professionals who are seeking to learn new skills that are related to business, creativity, and technology. There are different categories of courses which are animation, audio/music, business, design, development, marketing, photography, video and more. Upon signing up with Lynda, you are rewarded with a 30-day free trial and then charge afterward either $20 a month for a basic membership or $30 for a premium membership.


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