Screen Mirroring
Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is not something popular among people. It helps you view your desktop screen on your smartphone and vice versa. Some reasons people do this is to enjoy stream or for technical support. With screen mirroring or screencasting apps, you can also share files and resources between devices. Some apps also allow you to cast the screen of other smartphones on your smartphone. Check out the 5 best screen mirroring apps for Android.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the best apps for mirroring your screen. With it, connecting your device and your work resources is easy to perform. It is simple in nature and easy to use. The free app makes it possible for you to access remote resources through remote desktop gateways. You can securely connect your data, files, and applications with Microsoft Remote Desktop. The app also features a multi-touch option and audio and video streaming too.


2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another app that makes it to the list of the best screen mirroring apps for Android. Unlike the usual way of mirroring your phone screen on a computer, this mirroring app gives you the ability to look at your computer desktop on your Android device. It works better on tablets than smartphones. It would work on any computer as long as it has Google Chrome browser support.


3. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror makes mirroring on Android easy and simple. With this app, you cast your phone screen to other mobile devices. You can use it to stream videos and movies, access photos and apps on multiple devices at once. The app does the mirroring by connecting your smartphone with other devices wirelessly. Its features let you make adjustments to the mirrored screen and access apps, photos, videos, and other files. There’s also the syncing function that gives you the ability to sync audio and video on numerous mobile devices.


4. Google Home

This app is the app for Google Home, Chromecast, and other Google devices. The app allows you to mirror your screen to your TV and a Chromecast. The app does the job perfectly. Though it’s better to use Chromecast rather than screen mirroring, but if you still want your phone screen on TV, you can use the Google Home app. You’d have to buy a Chromecast or a Chromecast Ultra for this to work.


5. TeamViewer

This app is popular among people who wish to do screen mirroring. The purpose of TeamViewer is to create a tool for diagnostic. The app allows you to view desktops or other smart devices as you wish. HD video and sound transmission are supported on it, 256-bit AES encryption works in the app and it can transfer files between the two connected devices. The app can work with Mac, Windows, and Linux natively. It is free to use but if you want to use it for business, you can select from the payment options available.


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