iPhone as we know it, is one of the leading device in the world in terms of technology, communications, information and other required features for our phones, because of the  complexity of this phone, only selected apps are used for our desired task.As an iPhone user, we might come in need of a recorder but just like any other phone, a recording app comes with the phone with features that is not to our taste. When this app provide limited features, we are left to search for a better one.

Some of the best sound recorder for iPhone are;

  1. Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD is one of the best sound recorder you can find in the App store, this app offers bluetooth recording, unlimited time recording, iCloud sync, back ground recordings which can also be shared through Airdrop, Drop box, sound cloud. It has got so many features that can be used by students at school, lecturers, journalists, business men and others.


  1. Just Press Record

This is one of the few recording apps with unique properties. It works on an iPhone even with an apple watch and Mac. It is a simplified app that does a couple of tasks. This app is designed in a way that can record pretty fast and for a long period of time for as long as possible. Everything is synced with iCloud so it is always available on your device. Another interesting thing about this app is that it uses IOS’s own speech-to-text engine to quality transcribe your note,  transcribed text will show  up in app’s Home Screen.


  1. Ferrite Recording Studio

Ferriterite puts a professional grade on its audio recording and editing studio. It has smart tools to automatically remove silence from the trace, it has controls for making the track. When it comes to Ferrite Recording Studio, it works for you without stressing you. Ferrite’s studio let’s you edit multiple track at the same time, you can also zoom in and out as you please. Ferrite Recording Studio helps in training, merging, moving, editing, also trasition effects are done with just a button. It gives you access to automation tools, advance editing features, MP3 export and more.


  1. Mulitrack DAW

This is another great voice recorder app for IOS that helps to record, multiple tasks, solos and harmonies. Multitrack DAW is a digital audio that helps to trim and mix audios to perform and allow you to share them via email, WiFi and iTunes. You can input voice from mics and USB interval, built-in-mics. It supports audio format like MP3, M4a, wav and acc.It supports 32 bit and 64 bit audio processing.


  1. Recorder Plus

This is a recording app that can be use to record professional quantity audio and playbook sounds. It has a high quantity feature recorder app which converts your IOS device into a recording tool. The app is very fast and can record for a longer time,  it has features like back ground recording, one touch recording. It also support  audio format like MP3,M4a, wav and can, it also support ICloud drive e.g Google Drive, Webdav,  one Drive etc.


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