There are many things our smartphones can do that we may not know. There is so much potential in that device we use to make a call and chat every day. Now, you don’t need to buy a special device to track your speed as you can do that with either your iPhone or iPad. Whether you’re on a bus, riding a bike or walking, monitoring speed is great. Here are 5 best apps to help you track speed on an iPhone/iPad.

5 Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone

  1. Sp33dy

No matter the mode of your traveling, Sp33dy can help you determine your speed. From walking, to riding a skateboard, a bicycle, going on a bus, train, boat or even an airplane, the app can measure the speed of anything that does motion. It possesses a 10-1000 scale for whatever kind of unit you want to measure. The main screen shows you the current, maximum, and the average speed. You can also see the acceleration and breaking time for your vehicles. Additionally, you can get information on the GPS signal strength from the app. Themes and colors are available for you to choose from. It is also compatible with Apple Watches so you can keep monitoring your speed without your iPhone


  1. Speedometer

This is one simple app for speed measurement available on App store. It displays information on a black and white screen where only speed is shown. It also features settings that have just units of measurement which are mph, km/h, knots and that’s all. The app is not as simple as it looks though. If the number being displayed on the screen becomes transparent, it implies that the accuracy is dwindling and vice versa. If you’re in search for a simple app from where you can view only your speed , then this app would just do.


  1. Speedometer Free Speed Box

This app is a well known and widely used speedometer app for iOS devices. Users usually call the app “Speed Box. The app is a great one for people who are concerned about their speed and want to track and monitor their speed progress in real time so that they can determine how fast they can go. The app is an outstanding speedometer app having multiple functions and features. Included in the features of the app are a direction based compass and an odometer. You can customize the app to your preference as regards its display. As a user, you can set up units of calculating and measuring speed whether in KMH or MPH, etc. The app also supports GPS navigation


  1. Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker works as a combination speedometer and trip computer that can relay to you how fast you’re going and the way you got there. Have you ever thought of your average speed on your morning commute or how much time you spend driving your bike? Speed tracker enables you to know your average and maximum speed, distance covered, and how much time you spent moving and stopping. Other features that come with the app are HUD, Map, and Trip Log. The basic app can be downloaded free but you have to upgrade to get built-in maps and a head-up display.


  1. Speed Pro

Speed Pro is an essential app if you need a speedometer app. The app has many features loaded in it. The speed tracking app provides you with different fun facts concerning your trip like max speed, average speed, duration, and your heading. The app also has the camera integrated into it so you can record your trip and combine it with your speed and other data. It also features route sharing and saving. Speed Pro is indeed a great, feature-loaded app.


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