2019 phones 1
2019 phones 1

In this brief write up, we will like to examine the best five things you should look forward to getting from the next smartphone that you intend to buy. There are people who love to buy a phone just because many of their friends bought that phone. Others buy a phone that is extremely popular. But you are unique and your needs are different from mine. Also, you want to know what makes a smartphone good enough. So, let’s launch into the top five reasons anyone should pick a particular phone to buy in 2019.


I like to pick the price first because no matter how interesting a phone looks if you don’t know how much it sells you may end up searching the internet for the price. Of course, we all agree that this is constant, no matter the year or time. If you are able to find the features that people love to search for in mobile phones, you will discover that price remains the most important. In this way, people are like; “Oh it’s so beautiful…how much is it?”


I pick camera because, in essence, all smartphone owners are photographers. The selfie culture is still catching on. If you watch movies and play games with your phone, there’s one other thing you do regularly. You snap pictures with your phone. This is the essence of this article. Do not think that a 25 MP camera is better than 16 MP camera. It depends on the brand of the phone itself. For example, if the Huawei phone is 16 MP and the Tecno phone is 20 MP, I recommend you go for the Huawei. Also check out the ISO levels, aperture levels and speed of autofocus before you buy.


The display screen matters but it must not be too large or too small. I know people who would always go for a 5.7 inches display rather than pick the one that has 6.35. Why is this okay? If for example, the screen resolution is 1550 x 720 pixels fora 6.35 inches display, I would rather you pick that phone that has the same pixel resolution but the screen is 5.7. What you get is a phone that fits snugly into your pocket and at the same time offers rich media experience. Also, a better screen comes with QHD or HD features.

Operating System

Let’s talk about Android OS alone. You can find Android 9.0 Pie which is the latest one. There are others such 8.0, 8.1, or even Android Nougat 7.1 and stuffs like that. Sometimes, the best anyone could do is to use the phone first, before making conclusions about the fast performance. In 2019, even Android OS v8.1 will operate very fast like Android Pie in some phones because a lot of technical balances happened between the CPU, GPU, process tech, bit architecture and even with the battery specs.


If you are a video download addict, a game download addict, or you love to store songs on your phone aside pictures and files, please save up some more money and buy a phone that has at least 3GB to 4GB of RAM. Period.


I could have added battery power. However, the reason I omitted it is that having a good feature in any of the aspects mentioned above should give you a good enough battery power. For example, if your phone is 4GB at the RAM, it is most likely that the battery power is a good 4000 mAh.  And if you take to these features, you can have a phone that offers stronger network service anywhere you go.

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