The Android operating system is one that has many advantages and one of them is the many cool apps that are being released on the Google Play Store. Do you want to pull a prank on your friends to make fun? or do you want to laugh off with some cool funny sounds? Then voice changer apps are the best go-to apps to tweak your voice so you can scare, amuse, or trick your audience. Check out our 5 picks of voice changer apps for Android.

5 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

  1. Funcalls

While making a call, you can use Funcalls – one of the best voice changer apps – as a tricky way to make prank calls and fool other with scary or funny voices. You have the option to also choose recorded sounds while you are making a live call. Your funny conversations with friends can also be recorded and shared with your friends. With this app too, you can call international numbers as well as make calls to landlines in more than 150 countries including Asia, Europe, Africa, and more.

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  1. Voice Changer by Androbaby

Voice Changer by Androbaby is a popular app that makes the list of voice changer apps for Android. It’s a fairly old app, but it gets updated to make it relevant for the present smartphones available. It relies on the fmod sound engine and the app works in a great way. It comprises of about two dozen effects overall, including popular ones like Chipmunk, Helium, and others. The unique and fun effects of the app include Backwards, which reverses the sound from your mouth, and things like old radio which makes your voice sound like old radio.


  1. Voice Changer with Effects

This is a popular voice changer because it has a lot of funny sound effects that will give your voice a different sound. It is an app that is easy to use. All you need do is to record your voice or upload any voice to your Android device and the app does the magic by imposing the effect you want. You can also add effects to audio tracks. You’ll get great fun from this app. For instance, you can add sound effects to the song you like and listen to how the singer sounds like a chipmunk or space mutant. You are also offered the option to share the created tracks, so you can entertain your friends with the funny sounds.

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  1. Best Voice Changer

Yes, this app is so confident and it is good at what it does. While it’s not that easy to pick one voice changer as the overall best, this app at least makes a compelling case with its decent UI and tons of features. With the app, you are to either record voice files or import files you already have. Once a file has been loaded, you have a variety of sound effects to impose on the audio, so you can sound like a robot, an alien, a bee, and more. Some of the effects sound lackluster but the ones that works, worked rightly.


  1. Voice Changer Voice Effects FX

You can sound different with the voice effects this app has like Chipmunk, Autotune, Robot, Female, Male, Kid, Strong, Double, Mask, Drunk, Slow, Fast, Sheep, Monster, Alien, Cave, Space and more. It does pretty what most other apps do. You can change your voice live with the app and also record it on the microphone as you make the sounds from your mouth. This makes it a great voice changer with awesome capabilities.


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