5 Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone


Our smartphones have the ability to do almost anything and this is possible because of how powerful they have become. Why not have fun with your iPhone by pranking friends with your changed voice by using voice changer apps. These apps have the ability to make you sound differently by adding some cool sound effects. Just try any of the 5 best voice changer apps for iPhone we've reviewed here and see for yourself.

5 Best Voice Changer Apps for iOS

  1. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is developed with a respectable number of voice effects and background sounds, 55 altogether, to be exact. Although it cannot change your voice real-time, in-call, it will enable you to pre-record your prank calls in accordance to a script that is carefully constructed. You can speed up or slow down your voice and make it sound like you've been sniffing alarming amounts of helium all day long. Mimic one of Bane’s or Darth Vader’s villainous monologues, or put a scaring haunting twist on your voice to give your friends at the other end of the line absolute creeps.


  1. Call Voice Changer

You can get the delivery of the features you hope of a voice changer app from Call Voice Changer. With this app, you can tweak the pitch of your voice when you are on a call and it offers many sound effects. Before you purchase the app, make sure you use it in the demo mode which makes you hear yourself and find out what other people will hear. Besides that, you will be offered two minutes free so that you can try the app out before you decide to make a purchase of more minutes. The prices go from $1 for 5 minutes to $40 for 170 minutes

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  1. Celebrity Voice Changer

This is a voice changer app that is outstanding from the rest. Where other voice changer apps provide the same kind of vocal effects,  this one really stands out in that area. Why? Because it makes you sound like a celebrity. What this app does is that it makes you change your voice to any of the celebrity voice that is present in the available list. The app contains nearly 30 celebrities voices including famous cartoon characters, popular film stars, renowned politicians and TV hosts as well. With the app, you can sound like Oprah Winfrey or even Donald Trump! In case you don't see your favorite celebrity on the list, you can request for more celebrity voices.


  1. Voice Changer, Sound Recorder, and Player

Voice Changer, Sound Recorder, and Player is an app good for pampering. The app allows you to have a good laugh with friends and have fun. Included in the app are many effects that can make your voice changer in a variety of manners, such as popular filters like “Chipmunk”, “Helium”, “Darth Vader” and others. It also gives you the feature you need if you are a science fiction fan. It is possible to change the tone and modulation. Each filter comes with a variety of different mode. You can always return to the original sound as the app does not erase it even when the effects are applied.


  1. Voicemod

Voicemod is an awesome app that has the ability to make your voice sound different instantly. Using this app, you can place fun calls with changed voice. You can transfer your voice and make it sound like other voice types in real time. This implies that you can make calls with a different voice and the app will do the job of changing your voice while you talk to your friends or family members in real time. With the app, you can make some fun jocks and voice records to make your friends laugh and have fun.

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