Weather apps for Android scaled
Weather apps for Android scaled

It is important to know the weather condition so as not to be caught off guard by a storm or flood and that’s where weather apps come in. Weather apps have been improving over the years on Android and we have a bunch of them that can deliver accurate and precise forecast about the weather. We’ve gone on a search and we’ve brought back the 5 best weather apps for Android.

Best Weather Apps for Android

1. 1Weather by OneLouder Apps

Weather by OneLouder Apps is not new in the weather app scene. It is well known and highly rated. It has a clean and neat design. You get the basic features you expect in a weather app such as your daily and hourly forecast and other information.

You can access functions quickly in-app through widgets. Android Wear is supported on the app and it can track the weather of up to 12 cities. There’s also support for 25 languages and all these features come free though with ads. You can remove the ads with a token of $1.99.


2. Emergency: Alerts

You don’t wish for disaster, we know but this app will be useful should disaster strike. The app, Emergency: Alerts is from the American Red Cross and it works for both Android and iPhone. You get information about severe weather conditions when they are about to strike. You’d be alerted of hurricanes, floods, heat and winter storms, etc.

The app does not only track and give information about where you currently reside, but you can know about cuties and people that you want to find out about. The app works with a map to gives shelter information in case of any emergency and there are customizable alerts to intimate you when necessary.


3. AccuWeather

With Accuweather, you receive the accurate weather conditions in any part of planet Earth. You can get a forecast of snow, ice, rain, current precipitation, wind, thunderstorms, relative humidity, and direction. You get the latest news and weather videos at your fingertips.

The app provides true local forecasts for any point in the world. A bunch of languages are supported by number 33. The app refreshes itself and gives you updates every 15 minutes with the current humidity and percentages, dew point, visibility, UV index, and wind speed.


4. Awesome Weather by YoWindow

Get the unique weather features that Awesome Weather brings. It has a beautiful design and can be regarded as flashy. Just scroll your finger across the screen of the app to check the weather at any time of the day.

It includes the basics and delivers them well though it is not so powerful as other apps. If you want something simple yet functional, them, it’s a good app to go for. The app can be downloaded and used freely so that you can try out most of the features. For the premium version, a fee of $2.99 would go for it.


5. Go Weather Forecast & Widgets

To get the latest and future weather information, get the Go Weather app. The beauty of the app is that it uses widgets of various sizes to display weather conditions. There are varieties of beautiful widgets and live wallpapers that the app boasts of.

Get a clear report of temperature status, precipitation, humidity, pressure, pollen counts, UV index and much more. Go Weather can notify you of any current or future danger. It features a good view of radar and satellite images and dynamic maps.


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